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I have been on the hunt, as I imagine has every woman, for the elusive perfect pair of jeans. So I set off on an epic mission on rainy Sunday in January  and to my delight I found some really rather smashing pairs!

I decided to make this a fair challenge I had to wear the same top and shoes each time. I also decided to initially try on the same size, then I could give an honest account of size and fit.

New Look was the first port of call, I tried on 5 different styles, Curvy, Skinny, Straight, Wide Leg and Boot Cut. I have to admit I was really really disappointed, I shopped in New Look for years when I was younger, always found something perfect and a bargain to boot! However the prices seem to now be higher and the fit worse! So below are the best of a bad bunch, a really bad ill fitting, cheap feeling all round unpleasant bunch! The cranberry straight leg somehow managed to be both too baggy and too tight all at the same time resulting in a truly unflattering silhouette, the wide leg pair, which claimed to have been specifically made for ‘fuller figures’ was the worst fitting of any of the jeans I tried on throughout the whole process. New Look’s only saving grace beleieve it or not were there skinnies. Perfect cropped length, right amount of distress and fited almost well across my hips and waist. Out of 10 I have to give New Look a measly 4.5

new look


Next on the agenda was Next, not a place I ever think of going for clothes as I have always found them sized very small indeed, non the less in I went and discovered some almost potentials, albeit if I was 5ft 10 not 5ft 2.

Of the 5 pairs I tried on 4 of them ambien for cheap were relatively good fit, however all of them had the obligatory back waist band gape, seriously jeans makers of the world, when will you understand that women tend to have smaller waists that they do hips, and a lot of the time by more than 3 inches! Also as much as I would love to have 38 inch inside leg, however I simply do not, so unless I wish to have a foot taken up from the bottom of every pair of jeans. Also Next might want to look into sorting out the changing rooms, the lighting is horrid and the mirrors at the most awkward angles. I was also really disappointed in the staff, no knowledge of the products or what styles of jeans they carry. Such a shame.


Finally I went to GAP, having heard really wonderful things from fellow jeans lovers. I am happy to report that they were right, everything in GAP was a dream, the woman who served me was incredibly knowledgeable, they have a great selection of styles, and where others claim to make jeans for more curvy shapes, GAP appear to actually do it. The ratio of waist to hip were great, the actual sizing were very true to size, I could very easily have bought all of the 6 pairs of jeans I tried on. In fact bar the pairs on the outer edges, whose sizes were just not quite right, they all fitted me beautifully. So much so that I went back and bought the 2 pairs either side of the shelves of jeans. They wash beautifully, continue to fit perfectly and I get delightfully ego boosting compliments


I would love to know which jeans you love and if you have a favourite pair?



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  1. Sadie
    11th February 2013 / 10:39 pm

    I don’t own a single pair of jeans… finding the perfect pair is more trouble than I can contend with! X

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