5 Awesome Date Ideas

awesome dates in leeds

I’ve been on A LOT of dates, and whilst grabbing a coffee or beer is nice enough it gets a little boring, so I thought I would pull together a list of 5 awesome date ideas for in and around Leeds.

Date Idea 1 – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

date ideas

There’s nowt better in my mind that a date that involves fresh air, art and conversation. Where museums inspire a quiet contentment, the wide open space at Yorkshire Sculpture Park allows for being daft, pratting about and generally getting to know each other, something I think gets forgotten on dates these days.

There’s a really nice cafe and book shop at the park and you can easily spend 3-4 hours there which sounds like a great date to me!

date ideas in leeds

Along with the art work that is in permanent residency at the park they also have amazing visiting installations and events. This is the perfect opportunity to really plan something different and share an insight into the things you love.

Date Idea 2 – 200 Degrees Barista School

date ideas in leeds date ideas in leeds

Buy me good coffee and I will forever be your fan, agree to go learn how to make great coffee and add a little competition to the date, and I’ll forever be yours. I got to try out the Basic Barista Class at 200 Degrees and had such a fun afternoon, I enjoyed buzzing with caffeine all the way home. One of the cafe’s coffee experts, Rob, took our group through a really interesting presentation about the history of coffee, the production process, and how 200 Degrees roast their own coffee beans at their Nottingham roastary *not officially a word but go with it!*.

We then moved onto the coffee-making, and after a short tutorial were let loose on the espresso machines to brew our own cups and try our hands at latte art. Learning about the brew time, density of the coffee, temperature of the milk and how to theoretically make patterns on with the milk, something we pretty much all sucked at! It was a brilliant afternoon though and made for a relaxed way to get to know each other.  You even get a certificate at the end of it!

Date Idea 3 – Shuffleboard & Beer

date ideas in leeds

It’s the real Sport of Kings. Not horse racing, or polo. Shuffleboard. And it’s in Leeds in partnership with beer & super cheap pharmacy ambien tasty food . If you want a date of royal proportions, Shuffledog is the place to go, King Henry VIII turned his hand to the noble pursuit and if it was good enough for a king it’s good enough for your date!

date ideas in leeds date ideas in leeds

If like me you’re competitive as hell, this is the perfect date, chance to flex your ‘sports’ skills and celebrate with a reet good pint and an awesome pizza.

Dates Idea 4 – Tropical World

date ideas in leeds

Meerkats. Really that’s all I need to say, right? You know how to stop a date feeling like a interview, lots of small cute animals, that’s what!

Tropical World has all kinds of habitats, from the tropics to the ocean and other places from around the world whilst only venturing as far as Leeds! I’ve been on a couple of dates there and it’s brilliant! It takes away the awkward moments, and replaces and silences with cute animals! Theres a jungle, desert, nocturnal and aquatic habitats with plants and animals such as crocodiles, butterflies, bats, snakes and of course the meerkats!

date ideas in leeds

There’s also a great pub opposite for a post tropical pint, or if you’re an outdoorsy type Roundhay Park is right there too and makes for a lovely walk and ice-cream spot.

Date Idea 5 – Champagne Tasting

date ideas in leeds

Champagne really is one of my favourite things, most, if not all things can be made better with bubbles.

Now I’m not suggesting champagne tasting as a first date, but boy would I be impressed if a chap suggested it. Champagne Concept in Harrogate might not be Leeds as such, but close enough on the train or bus and totally worth it for an afternoon to evening date. Tastings are designed so you can try a wide range of flavours and find your preferences, the expert team at Champagne Concept introduce each Champagne as it is served and answer any Champagne related questions.Tasting experiences start from a trio of different Champagnes up to our ultimate tasting where you will try 10 different Champagnes. Alternatively, you can choose to create your own tasting from our list of Champagnes for a totally unique experience, perfect for a special date!

Phew! If you can’t find something suitably date like from that list, that isn’t a boring drink in the local, then I’ll eat my own hat!

Let me know your favourite date spot…d

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