So I guess a new site, name and look deserves a brand spanking new about page!

This is my corner of the internet.

I want to live in a world where positivity is the first port of call yet sarcasm is applauded and the coffee is always free.

I’m a lifestyle blogger who has stumbled from cake business owner to intrepid traveller to social media darling. When I’m not writing here I’m a features writer on The High Tea Cast, run my own Creative Consultancy helping brands to embrace social media and excel in it.

I can mostly be found me drinking whiskey, tweeting like a maniac, pinning kitchen & hair inspiration,  laughing ungracefully at gifs, squishing my gorgeous dogs face, loving my friends and generally being as positive as possible whilst maintaining my dark sense of humour.

My first book “My Friends Are Having Kids and I Can’t Boil an Egg” is eternally on the route to being finished, when I know more, you’ll know more!

Come over and say hi on twitter or shoot me an email thelifeedit@hotmail.com


sign off


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