Angelica – Cocktails and Sunshine

There is something so wonderful about finishing a shocking week at work and knowing that the following 3 hours are going to spent having fun and drinking cocktails. That’s what Fridays are all about.

After visiting the new Joy store, Amy and I meandered over to Trinity.

Now I must tell you that I am a sucker for a bar with a door person holding a clipboard, I am a pushover for a vetting system for entry and even more of a lover of exclusive lifts that deliver you seamlessly from the real world into the new, plush world above. Welcome to the world of Angelica. The first of D&D London’s venues outside of London.

angelica leeds

That moment the all powerful clipboard wielder steps aside and allows you through must be one of the best moments after a hellish day.

Nothing soothes the soul like vodka, unless of cause its vanilla vodka, one of the many ingredients in this delightfully tangy Angelica Temptation. Vanilla infused Ketel One vodka, orgeat syrup, fresh apple juice, fresh squeezed lemon and mint. It’s perfect, fresh and lift, not to mention it was made by a rather smashing looking chap.

angelica leeds cocktail

Look how much I am enjoying it.

angelica leeds cocktialBut there is so much buy ambien over the internet more to this place than the cocktails, the bar staff in their wonderful speakeasy inspired uniforms, the sleek and minimalist decor is made all the more beautiful by the infinite panes of glass.

On Friday evening it was incredibly warm, unusually so. Standing on the stunning balcony watching the sun lower over Leeds was really a sight, the vast glass and steel roof that covers Leeds Trinity glistened in the dusk light.

The atmosphere was improved by the wonderful people I was with, I adore meeting new people, especially when I am introduced to said newbies by a wonderful person like Amy.

angelica leeds trinity

Beautiful Sweet Velvet cocktail came next, vodka, pineapple, vanilla, mint and Goji liquor, such a magical drink, sweet and syrupy with a hint of sour from the pineapple. I cannot recommend the cocktails here enough, with such a huge range and made so delightfully by waiters who seem to really love what they do and do with with passion.

angelica cocktailLoved the place so much that I am heading back there for dinner with my mum before she vanishes for 5 months travelling around the world.

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  1. 3rd June 2013 / 5:20 pm

    Aw yay 🙂 It was totally gorgoeus!

    Also – if you don’t get the seaside doughnuts with all the dips (whisky custard!) for dessert when you go to dinner it will be a travesty of a sham. Trust me! Also, the lobster mac and cheese was goooood, but you’d be forgiven for going for something else of their delicious looking menu!


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