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ATHLETESINSIGHT: Performance Sunglasses, Redefined.

AthletesInsight: Performance Sunglasses, Redefined.

JUST LAUNCHED! AthletesInsight is NOW LIVE on Kickstarter!

Posted by Rich Stead on Monday, 30 May 2016

Now, this isn’t my usual post, however when a friend reaches out and tells you about their awesome new project, and is fired up and full of passion, saying no to helping just wouldn’t have been right.

Rich is the brother of one of my best friends and to say he has led an exciting life thus far would be an understatement. He’s a professional athlete and a hardcore one at that, competing in some of the highest ranking competitions in the world, as part of the British Bobsleigh and Skeleton Team, not too shabby at all.

As with most athletes there needs to be more than competing, something to sustain and devote more of your life to that the sport you love, because unless you are extremely lucky, you will only get to compete for a short amount of time.

And so, AthletesInsight was born.

They are more than a brand of sunglasses, they are a community, they inspire others daily through helpful articles, social media, and have been blessed to build a community of supportive and inspiring runners already. Even if you run by yourself, you are never alone with AthletesInsight.

athletesinsight sunglasses

Supporting AthletesInsight couldn’t be easier, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign and you can be a part of it for as a little as £5.

Here is a little from Rich and the team;

AthletesInsight is here to solve YOUR Athlete Problems.

We’ve spent the last 18 months working on product development with UK & US athletes, building something we are really proud of.

It’s been 100% worth it, testing, refining, and figuring out precisely what we need to make the people’s champ of performance sunglasses.

Athlete testing prioritized lens clarity, the importance of a no-compromise fixation without creating uncomfortable pressure points, and the ability to wear sunglasses for a long period of time without them becoming uncomfortable.

To date we put all our savings together for a little trial run, offering the sunglasses to enthusiasts all over the world, and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

We need your support to kickstart this into a real production run.

We are dedicated to solving athlete’s problems. With your support we can continue to solve YOURS.


I just know Rich & the AthletesInsight will be the name on every athletes sunglasses one day very soon.

It just proves with a little inspiration, a whole heap of perspiration and passion and you can truly do anything you put your mind to!

Good Luck Rich & AthletesInsight!

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