Bringing Memories To Life with Epson XP-960

My home is filled with art, prints, sketches and illustrations from inspired individuals, in fact my walls are running out of space for more frames. Despite all the beautiful art on my walls there aren’t a huge amount of personal photos up, the reason is so simple, I’ve got used to digital photography and our of the habit of printing them! However I decided that all needed to change in 2017, which is why Epson getting in touch couldn’t have come at a better time.

Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review

They very kindly send me the Epson XP-960 Photo Printer and a heap of photo paper to go to town with. I decided I wanted to carry on the tradition my mum started when I was a kid, an album a year, filled to the brim with holidays, parties, birthdays and other random family moments. I also decided I wanted to try out my skills with InDesign and recreate my favourite quote.

One of the things I HATE about printers is the never ending setup, the faffing and the chance that it won’t actually work. That couldn’t have been further from the truth with the XP-960. Set up is idiot proof, and I’m saying that from experience! There is a disc for laptop use or in my case as I have a Macbook Air a super simple online installation process. You can even download an Epson App to guide you through it.

It also uses Epson’s six-colour Claria Photo HD Ink which is ideal for stunning quality, long-lasting photographs, as it delivers smooth tonal gradations, deep natural blacks and rich, vibrant colours.

Not only can you print via WIFI, you can also add SD cards directly from your camera which is a dream for bloggers or even photography fans as there’s no need to faff with a laptop, and I am all about not faffing. Even more awesome you can print from your phone, something I have used over and over!

Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review

I got myself a super simple album from Paperchase, I wanted something that was simple and sleek that would sit nicely on my office shelves. This particular one has pockets for the photos.

Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review

I printed off around 100 photos from black and white, photos of family, friends, nights out, holidays and many more happy moments.

I was incredibly impressed with the print quality, the speed the ink dried and the all round finish to the images whether on matte or glossy photo paper.

The printer has really clear markers for the various sizes of photo paper that can be used, which makes the whole process so much more efficient, and meant a lot less wastage of both ink and paper which is a definite bonus.

Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review

It’s been so lovely to flick through the album looking back over my favourite moments from the last 12 months. Rather than batch printing at the end of 2017, I’m going to print 10-20 photos at the end of every month, that way the photos are a reality not simply living within an app in my phone or on my laptop.

There are many quotes on the walls of my house, especially my office. Words from wise women and men, fictional and factual, words that inspire me, that remind me to be strong, to be kind, to be brave. But there was a gap, a quote that I have loved since the first time I read To Kill A Mockingbird over 15 years ago, it sums up exactly how I feel about life, and in fact death.

Epson XP-960 Photo Printer Review

This quote is printed on A3 and it’s perfect, the colours, the crispness and clarity. Very impressed!

So a little list, (who doesn’t love a list) of the pros and the one con!

Prints A4 & A3 which is rare for a home printer – easy to set up – easy to use – not too loud – efficient with ink.
Little on the large size, takes up quite a lot of space on my desk
All round thumbs up for the Epson XP-960, efficient, super easy to set up and fantastic print quality.
Huge thank you to Epson for sending me this fab printer, and although I was gifted the printer my review is as always 100% honest!

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