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My love affair with Byron Hamburgers goes way back, back to my agency days visiting clients in London. I actually squealed with delight when I saw the boarding up around the old La Senza in Leeds city centre, plastered with Byron branding. It meant only one thing, I could indulge in the BEST burgers I have ever eaten a mere 5 minute walk from my office! To say they have updated and improved the space would be a huge understatement.

byron burger leeds byron burger leeds byron burger leeds

If you like McDonalds this place is not for you, this is not a fast food joint, it is a foodies paradise. Craft beers to rival some bars in the city, a scrumptious yet sensationally simple menu where the focus is on quality not quantity. All that being said you are just as welcome in converse and a hoodie as you would be in a sharp suit.

Byron has a very simple motto “Do one thing & do it properly!” the ace little video on their site tells you all about the brand, where they started and why they are so awesome

Matt and I rocked up after a hectic work day, ready to devour a whole world of beef and boy did we! I went for the Byron burger, a great slab of beef, cooked to medium perfection, topped with dry cured bacon, mature Cheddar, lettuce, onion, tomato and Byron’s secret sauce, I then added avocado just for good measure!

byron burger leeds

byron burger leeds

byron burger leeds

The burgers aren’t served with fries, I happen to love this, it gives you much more freedom to have exactly what you want to accompany your burger. I went for fries with aioli, although my usual choice is skins on chips and I am partial to their mac & cheese.

Matt really went for it and indulged in the Ronaldo Burger, which is basically a beast of a burger, the two 6oz burgers are topped to perfection with crispy smoked bacon, American cheese, buttered onions, crispy fried onions, pickles, American mustard and ketchup…I mean come on! Matt also went for the fries and a can of Byron Lager which I snuck a taste of and is, as would be expected, very tasty!

byron burger leeds

I have eaten in Byron all over London and each and every time I am reminded how perfect they are. It isn’t just the food, which is faultless, it’s the engaging and quite honestly gorgeous staff, quick service, chilled atmosphere and best of all there is something for everyone. Although I personally think its sacrilege to go to Byron and have a salad, if it’s really your thing they have great non-burger offerings.

Just when you think all that is quite enough the waiter kindly pointed me to their milkshake offering, and of course it wouldn’t be right to miss out on an Oreo milkshake…swoon!

byron burger leeds

Matt even uttered, between mouthfuls “this is the best burger I’ve ever eaten” Winner!

byron burger leeds

No word of a lie, it took me 30 mins to drink, but my god it was epic. If you like burgers and live in Leeds you must visit, seriously you must!

Byron is located at 9a Lands Lane, Leeds and is open Mon-Sun from 11am- at least 10pm

Massive thank you to Byron for having me! I will be back, many many times!


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