Champagne Brunch at The Champagne Concept Harrogate

There are many things in this world that belong together, Ant & Dec, red wine & open fires, Netflix & chill are just a few of them, but the tastiest of all is brunch & champagne. If there isn’t a little booze with my brunch, then it’s no brunch at all.

champagne concept harrogate 11

So imagine my delight when an email landed in my inbox inviting me to a champagne brunch in my own lovely home town…I was a very happy girl, even more so because I got to take my lovely mum with me too.

champagne concept harrogate

champagne concept harrogate

The Champagne Concept in Harrogate has teamed up with Baltzersens to provide the most delicious brunch, if you’re a regular reader of The Life Edit or follow me on any social media at all you’ll know Baltzersens have a special place in my heart so finding out they’ve teamed up with a joint entirely dedicated to champagne lead to all out joy!

It makes me so happy to see two fantastic harrogate indies coming together to provide the locals and hoards of visitors with a real taste of awesomeness!

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I  went for the slightly healthier option of avocado on toast, with a topping of super crispy bacon! Utter joy I tell you! The coffee is also amazing, I’m all for taking my coffee black and it’s a real test of how great it is, I wasn’t at all disappointed by the coffee at brunch, in fact just look at my happy coffee face!

champagne concept harrogate

champagne concept harrogate

Mum went for spinach and poached egg on sourdough, although I was very, very jealous of the waves of heart-shaped waffles that surrounded us as everyone else ordered!

champagne concept harrogate

We were served a chilled glass of Roger Manceaux Champagne, I went for pink to start, and mum plumped for the brut, both of which we’re delicious and worked perfectly with our brunch.

The Champagne Concept don’t just sell champagne and spoil brunch lovers, they also specialise in champagne tasting sessions, which are a great way to discover new boutique champagnes, rather than relying on the supermarket for options.

champagne concept harrogate 1 champagne concept harrogate

I’m already planning my champagne tasting with the girls!

Their fabulous champagne tastings are the perfect gift for a newly engaged couple or a unique birthday gift idea for fizz lovers. You can book a group champagne tasting here.

The Champagne Concept was founded in October 2015 by Gemma and Laurence Page-Connolly, real Champagne fanatics who wanted to share with the UK the wonderful world of boutique Champagne.

Regular visitors to the Champagne region, Gemma and Laurence have discovered a large variety of boutique Champagnes that up until now have not been readily available in the UK.

Laurence and Gemma believe the best way to learn about boutique Champagne is to taste it!  On the 23rd October, the doors of The Champagne Concept opened in Harrogate, a unique Champagne tasting bar and bottle shop that offers informal Champagne tastings all day, everyday.

Be sure to let me know if you indulge in the Champagne Concept brunch!

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