Christian’s Kickstarting In Knaresborough…

Christian’s began with left over student loan…and is now so much more than a coffee shop, it’s a place where people make memories, start friendships, build business and if non of those things is a perfect place to escape for awesome coffee and game changing cakes.

Christians Knaresborough

It all began in an antiques centre on Leeds Road in Harrogate, and now Christian’s 2.0 has begun, in the heart of Knaresborough in the most beautiful building.

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I am an avid Kickstarter & Crowdfunding advocate and supporter. I have supported gadgets, books, restaurants and now Christians new project. Seems only right that I let Christian and Alice, the owners of Christian’s tell you more about their campaign

“My fiancée, Alice and I were raised in Knaresborough, so it’s a place that’s really close to our hearts. We’ve always been ambitious; owning both a cafe and pub in our hometown has always been part of our plans – so when the opportunity arose for us to put in an offer for Blind Jacks, a landmark free-house in the bustling market square, we knew it was fate.”

Christians Knaresborough Christians Knaresborough Christians Knaresborough

Christian and Alice have opened the doors to their new home in Knaresborough on Silver Street, but now that’s done the next step is Blind Jacks and you can help them get there! They have some fantastic Kickstarter pledge rewards including;

Dog & Brew Night, £40 for two tickets for a night full of our famous homemade posh hotdogs and craft beverages – this is the one I went for! They also have unlimited coffee rewards, cake, aprons, meals, event hire and even a chance to have the Christians Ice Cream van at your event! So no matter what you fancy there is something for you.

Wishing Christian and Alice all the luck in the world and as a lover of the original Christians, I can only imagine how incredible the next chapter is going to be!

See you there for coffee soon!

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