Christmas at Bettys Harrogate

You can keep your John Lewis advert and your town light switch on, there’s only one thing to get me in the festive mood and that’s Christmas at Bettys. They transform their windows and reveal the most beautiful, inspiringly tasty array of Christmas goodies, and this year has been nothing short of magnificent!

Bettys At Christmas

The added bonus being I was invited along to indulge in the wonder that is Christmas at Bettys and as expected the huge cynic in me was overwhelmed at not only the beauty of the room but the attention to detail and delight that the team create.

Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas

I could hardly get in the door before being blown away by this years show-stopper, the Lebkuchen gingerbread Swiss chalet house (a whole one as shown above will set you back £500). Inspired by Bettys Swiss heritage, and not only sold in a chalet, but as individual iced houses, for cost £5.95 each and I think my lucky clients will be getting a little box of them this year! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll more than likely have ohhh-ed and ahhh-ed over it already!

Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas

It wasn’t just the sleek and sophisticated treats on offer, in fact Bettys do whimsical just as well! These Christmas Puddings & Santa’s and perfectly iced gingerbread snowmen.

Bettys At Christmas Let’s not forget the tradition that is a Yule Log, and this isn’t just any Yule Log, this is a Bettys Yule Log. A light Swiss chocolate sponge filled with a layer of rich, Swiss dark chocolate ganache. Topped with Swiss chocolate & stem vanilla butter cream and hand-decorated with marzipan mushrooms and ivy leaves and a light dusting of sugar snow. Heaven!

It generic ambien qualitest wasn’t just tasty treats we we’re there to coo over, in fact I was more enthralled by the table dressings. There we’re three tables, each with a different theme, from modern, glistening golds to traditional greens and reds. It’s definitely inspired me and my decorating this year.

Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas After all the creativity and delight we sat down to a super-duper tasty afternoon tea, surely what Bettys are best known for. With pages and pages of teas from all over the world, you’ll always be able to find the tea you love. The staff are incredibly knowledgable and will guide you through the process of choosing the best one for your taste.

Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas Presented on a stunning silver stand and filled to the brim with crustless sandwiches, scones topped with cream and jam and finally the cherry on top of the cake was literally a plate crammed full of pastries and sweetness. I mean look at that empty plate at the end!

The whole afternoon & evening was as wonderful as expected and it definitely gave me a nudge towards getting in the festive mood! They even sent me home with a beautifully wrapped gift from under the Christmas Tree which was adorned with edible decorations.

Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas Bettys At Christmas As well as the stunning Yorkshire stores including Harrogate, York, Northallerton, Ilkley and Harlow Carr Gardens, all of whom have the Christmas treats in stock, you can also buy a number of them online, and they really would make the most delightful present for the person you love this year or like me as a way to show clients just how much you appreciate them!

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