How To Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

Now I may not be the most festive of people, but give me a little DIY crafting project and I’m all in! So this year I decided to put to good use all the tricks and tips I learnt at the wreath workshop I did with Katie a few years back & it made me think that maybe a little how to make your own Christmas wreath guide might just go down well with you!

christmas wreath ideas

Rather than the traditional holly/ivy base for my wreath, I wanted to go for a more modern almost Scandi vibe with a mix of fresh and faux foliage and flowers.

What you’ll need;

Wreath base of your choice, you can go for oasis like I did, other options are wire or wicker which are slightly lighter depending on where you’ll be hanging it

– Florists wire

– Scissors or secateurs to cut stems and wire

– Dry moss or other thick, dense material for foundation layer

– Selection of foliage for the wreath

– Any additional festive bits and bobs to embellish

Right! Let’s begin!

how to make a christmas wreath

how to make a christmas wreath

You need to begin with your dry moss, or other backing foliage, lay the foliage on the wreath in 2-3 inch sections at a time and wrap the wire around them and secure at the back of the wreath.

I went for single pieces of wire as I find them easier to work with, however if you prefer you can get the wire on a spool and wrap it round as you go and tie off at the end. Totally up to you!

Keep going until you have covered the whole of the wreath, going back to areas that don’t look full enough, or where you can see the oasis of wreath below.

Once you’re finished with this step your wreath should look something like this… ta da!

how to make a christmas wreath

Once you have the base that you’re happy with, you can begin on the next layer of foliage, this layer requires you making small bunches that you wire tie together and then attach them to the wreath.

The best way to get the balance you want is to make all of the bunches and then lay them on the wreath and arrange them until you’re happy with how it looks, then begin to wrap the bunches to the wreath in a similar way to the way you attached the backing foliage.

how to make a christmas wreath

how to make a christmas wreathFor my Scandi vibe Christmas wreath I decided to go for real eucalyptus & fern leaves together with faux peacock feathers sprayed gold – I personally go for three things in every bunch, or if I need a bigger one, five. There is something balanced about odd numbers. I went for 5 of these bunches with a mix of real and faux foliage and with each bunch of green a flash of gold added to it. You create these bunches however you like, the most you put into them the greater the complexity of the wreath and you can really go to town on adding your own style to it.

how to make a christmas wreath how to make a christmas wreath how to make a christmas wreath

Once you find the right layout, attach all of the bunches, then move onto the final embellishment. I went for faux pale pink roses and both matte and shiny dark blue baubles, I like the contrast of the pink and blue to the green and gold, I also like that they aren’t your typical Christmas wreath colours. You choose whatever you like, go traditional with green, red and gold,  maybe go off piste with neon colours or even go for one colour all over but different textures!

Remember it’s your Christmas wreath, so make it exactly how you want it!

how to make a christmas wreath

And just like that, the wreath is complete!

A great tip to make sure you are getting the balance and look you want it to stop after each step and hold up the wreath as it will hang so you can see how it looks, much easier to change things as you go rather than go back to try and fix it afterwards!

Happy Christmas wreath making, be sure to tag me in your photos if you make your own!


  1. 10th December 2017 / 8:22 am

    This is so pretty! Thanks for the guide.

    Abi xx

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