Christmas Wreath Workshop

Harrogate Christmas Wreath Workshop

Those of you who know me, will know how wholeheartedly I am not at a Christmas person, that is until the stroke of midnight on the 1st December, then I’m all about the sleigh bells and chocolate oranges! However, this year is a little different, because I got to spend a whole afternoon at a Christmas Wreath Workshop.

Let me tell you, when you have an awesome job like I do and get to organise super fun blogger events for clients and then go along for them, and said event is one where your talented Harrogate florist client is teaching you to make a Christmas wreath you get right into the Christmas spirit!

Nestled in a stunning loft studio is Katies floral haven, the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon surrounded by beautiful flowers, Christmassy candles and bloggers galore including Amy, Anna, Lil & Kat, all of whom came along green fingers at the ready!

harrogate Christmas wreath workshop

harrogate christmas wreath workshop 2Katie is best known for her stunning wedding creations, but her talent runs much deeper, she loves to forage and create stunning centre pieces and wreaths, Katie’s studio was so welcoming filled to the brim with spruce, rosemary, pretty dried flowers including hydrangeas and candles galore, not to mention all the yummy Christmas mince pies and chocolates. The workshop was the most entertaining three hours!

First step was to wrap florists wire in a zig-zag pattern around the circular wire frame, once that was secure, we learned all about the best way to layer up bundles of rustic charm on to the wire frame, wiring them individually, stacking on top of each other working in a circular motion to create a full wreath shape.

harrogate christmas wreath workshop Christmas wreath workshop 9

I was so impressed by how something that seemed so complicated and far fetched came together so fantastically for all of us. I think the thing I loved most about the day was the time and patience Katie took with us all, ensuring our wreaths looked the absolute best they could. She thought nothing of man handling them off you to show you the best way to wrap the wire, or stack the foliage.

I get such a thrill being around other creative types, not just bloggers and people in my industry but also people like Katie who have turned a passion into a career, and when she isn’t teaching lovely cheap ambient reverb pedal folks how to whip up their own masterpieces she is creating them for others. Her studio walls are scattered with stunning shots of weddings and photo soots featuring her beautiful creations, not to mention the tonnes of Thank You cards pinned up, it really was a pleasure to see her business flourish…no pun intended!

harrogate christmas wreath workshop harrogate christmas wreath workshop

wreath workshop harrogateSo after eating too many mince pies, chatting about everything under the sun with the girls, it was time to finish off and move away from the dense foliage and onto the delicate berries and dried flowers. It really is amazing how the final touches bring most things to life, these Christmas wreaths were no exception.

Adding the rosemary also added another sense, with the beautiful warm scent, the pine cones really added a 3D effect and finally the dried hydrangeas…they were all places so prettily in mini crates on the big shared table and we all came into our own when adding these little beauties, some of us went for symmetry whilst others went more sporadic, and I have to tell you both ways looked awesome!

harrogate christmas wreath workshop harrogate christmas wreath workshop

And then, drum roll please…the finished product! I mean come on, how professional does this look?

harrogate christmas wreath workshop

If you’re in the Harrogate, Yorkshire area, I really can’t recommend Katie’s Christmas Wreath Workshops enough, there are two options, either the full blown 3-hours like I did, or you can book onto one of the demo events where Katie will show you how to make it, and provide all the items for you to buy and take home to create your own!

It isn’t just the workshop you are paying with when you spend time with Katie you really do benefit from her vast wealth of knowledge, she gave me loads of little tips and tricks to try with my flowers at home. The amount of ohhhh’s and ahhhh’s I have got since hanging my wreath in the window at home has made me even more sure everyone else will enjoy it too!

An added bonus, lovely readers of this blog can get a 10% discount on this year’s workshops, which makes them just £49.50 (inc all the materials to make your wreath) – just mention the blog when you book!

I couldn’t end the post without a lovely shot of the proud Christmas Wreath Workshop Graduates with our creations…

christmas wreath workshop 3

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