Dear Em

Dear Em,

You know how you love making lists? Nothing has changed. Here’s how the next 12 years will pan out…


OK, let’s kick off with the biggie…You’re married. I know, right?

All those years of swearing off marriage and babies. If it’s any consolation, he’s a pretty amazing dude. He shares your sense of humour, your introverted personality and your love for pizza. And you did well in the In-Laws Lottery. You really didn’t enjoy wedding planning – so you haven’t completely changed.

Oh, and the idea of having kids doesn’t make your ovaries want to pack up and do a runner anymore.

You’ll also have a lovely little house and a cat. You’ll become one of those people who drags out pictures of her cat at every opportunity.


I’ll be honest with you, you’re going to spend a few years faffing about. You’ll go to uni (which you won’t entirely love) and then do jobs in recruitment and HR. Your job in HR will, ironically, be the first role where you properly experience workplace bullying. On the upside, you’ll quit that job, join Twitter (you don’t know about that yet, but it will change your life. So will something called Facebook. It’s all on the internet you’ve recently discovered) and find yourself as a freelancer writer and consultant, working from home. You’ll love your job. Really really love it. So much so that you build a website and write an ebook to help others start their own business. Right now, you’re working for brands that you could only have dreamed of.

So, you know what? It doesn’t matter that you’ll only get a bunch of C’s for your GCSEs, or your A-Levels. Passion and hard work are worth far more.


Stop worrying about your little sister. She’s going to be incredibly kick-ass. She’ll get married, run marathons and, next week, climb Mount Kilimanjaro. She’ll also be your best friend, and get you through buy ambien from mexico wedding planning.

Your mum will keep her promise of ‘I’ll be your mum now and your friend in your twenties.’ She was right, and you’ll be grateful for that approach later on in life. She’ll be your other best friend. You’ll have lots of fun days out to look forward to with your mum and sister, filled with a LOT of laughter.

Your dad is still awesome too, and will be a constant source of wise advice over the years. You’ll also come to laugh at the time last year he turned up for the school run with a banner saying ‘Emma and Vicky, Daddy’s here to collect you’. In fact, you’ll probably end up doing it to your future kids.

16 year old self


When you’re 22, you’ll meet a wonderful bundle of energy called Krystle. She will eventually introduce you to your future husband, and your family will basically adopt her. She’ll be one of your closest friends.

You’ll learn that having a small selection of friends that you trust and have mutual-respect with is more important than having lots of friends. Believe it or not, several of your close friends will be people you meet through the internet (Twitter, to be exact).

Friendships aren’t going to run smoothly though. As you get older, you realise you need to walk away from some friendships. It’ll be incredibly hard, and a little messy, but both parties will be better off in the end.


Look, school is rubbish. You’re going to feel permanently anxious. And out of place. And weird. You don’t know this yet, but you’re an introvert. You gain energy from being alone, while extroverts gain energy from others. Once you understand that, life gets a lot easier. I promise.


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