Eat At Skosh…seriously!

Let me begin by saying I know I rave about food A LOT, but that’s because I’m passionate as hell about people who are passionate as hell and there’s very few places where you feel that quite like you do in Skosh.

skosh york

Skosh started simply, as a word that represented a concept. Simply translated Skosh means ‘a little’ or ‘small amount’ in Japanese. From that small amount has evolved a contemporary dining room serving uncomplicated yet refined dishes in a comfortable and informal manner.

Served in the form of snacks and small plates, allowing dinners to have as little or as much as you want, grazing as you go, or if you prefer, gradually served course by course to give you a complete dining experience. For me the perfect way to eat and judging by the number of people packing in, I’m not the only one.

Chef proprietor Neil Bentinck and his team of local tradesmen reimagined the space of a Grade II listed building, situated just beyond the ‘Micklegate Bar‘, a 12th Century gateway into the Historic city of York. A bespoke dining room with an open plan kitchen was designed to specifically create a unique experience in which to enjoy the eclectic food on offer.

Whilst in York for a lovely overnight stay we decided to extend mums already elaborate 60th celebrations by booking in for Sunday lunch, we snagged the kitchen side bar seats and watched with delight as our food was expertly prepared, with so much flair.

skosh york skosh york skosh york

I started with ‘hen’s egg’ – dale end cheddar, mushroom & px sherry, served in the cutest little dish and only a few mouthfuls in size but packing so much flavour I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted anything quite like it…which is exactly the reason I have no photos of it, gone in a flash, remembered for a long time!

What followed can only be described as a cacophony of vibrancy and an all round taste sensation, that included…asparagus ‘tteokbokki’ with sour cream, hispi cabbage & potato okonomiyaki with pickled ginger & crispy shallots, skosh fried chicken – brown butter hollandaise…

Burrata bread, pea salad and mini crab delights and scallop pizzas…oh lord just writing about it is making me head straight over to make another reservation!

My experience at Skosh makes the permanent, laminated top 10 list of best food I’ve ever eaten list. Right up there with Wreckfish and the sadly no longer in existence Norse.

Not that I mind spending £££ when it comes to awesome food, I was amazed at how reasonably priced our meal was, despite the food being small plate style you definitely leave feeling fool with just 3 dishes and at for between £5 – £15 each plate, you’re looking a yummy meal and a not have to live off beans for the rest of the month!

To top of a really spectacular meal, the team kindly treated mum to a chocolate brownie wonder with a little happy birthday chocolate. It’s the small, tasty touches that make all the difference!

skosh york

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