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thought catalog eight things every happen woman should have

So usually my ‘Things’ list only includes 5 things, but this week feels like it needs a little more than just five, feels like it needs eight things.

How fortunate that thanks to Emily I found this fabulous list of things every happy women should have written by the wonderful Patty Barrett on Thought Catalog, who manages with ease and dexterity to compile a must have list of the things a happy woman should know inside out. You can read the original article here and I thought I would share mine with you, in the hope it will inspire or at least amuse.

1. A go-to drink

Mine is without doubt a vodka, Grey Goose where possible, slim line tonic and heaps of fresh lime, I’m talking minimum of 4 wedges. It has to be vodka because thanks to an unpleasant encounter with gin in my teens, even a waft of it is enough to turn me green. I like the taste, the bitter and sour, but also feel as though its grown up enough not to invite intrigue from others, and let’s face it we all want to go through life having at least a faint idea of what we want. Even if it’s only in the beverage arena

2. A go-to Karaoke song.

OK this is a big one for me, mostly due to my sensational ability to sing just like Beyonce, Cher or Mariah, in my own head! In reality no one needs to be subjected to my wailing, instead I like to stick to two firm favourite. Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, which offers a low base note that my slightly husky voice can deal with even after a drink or four. However, for all round performance value has to be Gold Digga by Kayne and Jamie Foxx, I know it word perfect, meaning I can focus on my ‘hood style’ performance.

3. A uniform.

Simple. Well-fitting dark wash straight leg jeans, nude court shoes with mid height heel, natural shade silk shirt and structured jacket. Sure it could been deemed as being boring, but I would always rather be seen as classic over Avant Garde. I would love to be a dress person, and yes I do dabble, but I will never feel as powerful as I do in bum hugging, leg lengthening Levis. I am firmly of the opinion that every woman should have a go-to pair of jeans that fit, look great and are guaranteed to ease that morning mania of ‘I can’t find anything to wear’

4. A hair stylist they love.

The relationship I have with my hairdresser far surpasses any romantic relationship in length and commitment. I would sooner piss off the love of my life before my hairdresser. I am lucky enough to have the kind of hairdresser who knows me well enough to guide me away from another fringe and supportive enough to encourage a serious chop or as has happened recently, bright pink ombre. So I have no style go to, but I have a stylist go to and that’s way more important!

5. An exercise routine.

Fresh air, fresh air, fresh air. I literally cannot stress how important fresh air is, not only for your physical health but your emotional health, the healing power of a brisk walk with no purpose other than to clear away the cobwebs is so vast I couldn’t fit it in one post. Sure if you love boxercise, swimming or fencing, go you, but remember to get outside, take some deep long breaths and a little brain rest.

6. A hobby.

Patty couldn’t have put it better when she said “We all have to work and pay bills and seemingly, the only hobby we find time for is drinking” in her original post and I am compelled to whole heartedly concur. Sadly a night out dancing on tables followed by a grim morning after isn’t going to add value to your life, so how about you find something a little more mentally stimulating. Like knitting, or books, or shopping or if you are like me writing. Sure I do it for work, and I do it for my blog, but above all I do it because I love it, it fills me with happy warm loveliness, and an overwhelming feeling of achievement, not just because people read it, but because I wrote it.

When I am not writing you can find me watching, indulging in hours of engaging and thought provoking and in some cases just simply daft TV shows, from Attenborough’s Frozen Planet, to Breaking Bad (OMG) to Made in Chelsea. They all serve a purpose, whether to distract me from the reality of life, or indeed hurl life at me at warp HD speed.

I am not saying that you need to have hobby that will change the world, or even your life, but finding something that you do not earn money or external praise from, will always be good for your heart and soul, which in turn can only do your physical health a good turn.

7. A best friend.

I have been single a hell-a-long time, I am cool with that, mostly because other than the naked stuff, my friends provide all the solace, humour and challenge I currently need. There is no one in the world who understands my quirks like my best mates, they never question it or judge me, and instead they empower and champion it. Let’s face it, it’s great to have someone in your corner. Above having best friends though, is being a best friend, being a part of their life, it’s a wonderful thing.

8. A healthy sense of self.

Yes, I think negative thoughts about my weight, I compare myself to other women and have moments where I am beyond cruel to myself. However, I am also aware of my tendency to do this, and now have coping mechanisms.

I have accepted myself, the things that I wish to change, I have made a plan to deal with, I am proactive with my personal thoughts towards ‘Emma’. The best way I can advise you go about this is start being kinder to other women, I don’t just mean women you have direct contact with. I mean complete strangers, who would never ever know what you think about them, I mean rather than being vicious about a celebs weight, or a bad outfit on the street, try for a whole day to not pass comment, just zip it. See how good it feels when you are positive about others, you start to see the positive in yourself.

Take a little time this week and think of your own, if you write them somewhere send me the links, I would love to read them!


  1. 17th October 2013 / 12:51 pm

    Love this…..going to try to think what mine would be. Hmmmmmm…………

  2. 17th October 2013 / 8:59 pm

    Em I think all of these are great, but the one that resonated the most was no.8, having a healthy sense of one’s self. The bit about not passing comment about people: I used to be a typical “OMG what is she wearing” person about strangers on the street, but after getting to know a young member of my family who is a lovely, lovely girl but who has grown up to be negative about EVERYBODY – mention any celebrity and I’ll guarantee she hates them, or they annoy her, or she can’t stand what they wear…

    I decided that I was going to try and think nice thoughts about everyone (as long as they’re regular people and not horrid crims or anything). It’s actually really liberating to be accepting of pretty much everyone, not matter how weird or strange you think they are. Like people who have massive collections of odd memorabilia, or enjoy train spotting… I now think how brilliant that they have something in life they’re really passionate about, not “OMG how sad”. The same with crazy stuff that people wear! What do I care what anyone else wears, if they like it – that’s all that matters!

    Enough ramblings, I think you know where I’m coming from! That was my number 9. And as you know after I Tweeted it, number 10 should have been Get yourself a Hugh Jackman. Correction – get yourself Hugh Jackman 😉

    Catherine x

  3. 27th October 2013 / 10:01 am

    Well hello! I’ve just found you, and your brilliant blog. Everything on that list I can relate too, love how it starts with a drink, and ends with a healthy sense of self….I reckon if you have got these two right, then all the rest will happen! Mine’s a large Marlborough sauvignon blanc, if your asking? x

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