Family Matters at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

yorkshire sculpture park

Although I won’t go into it in a whole heap of depth, there has been a little heart ache in my life recently. Letting go of a person who makes me feel the most ‘me’ I’ve felt in a long time, but long-term wasn’t good for me, nor me for them. Losing something or someone you love is tough, it makes me want to retract from the world, to stay safely ensconced in my bed with the puppy and Netflix. However, after a few days of moping, for want of a better word, my aunt called and invited me to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a day out with the kids.

I haven’t been to the park for easily 10 year, but the promise of fresh air, art and cuddles from my cousins had me pulling my boots on quick sharp.

There is something about the love that emits from children, it’s so genuine, without agenda and shared freely, three things that seem to ebb away the older I get. They have no limitations, no concerns of consequence, the hurl themselves through life with an uncompromising desire to keep going, to know more, see more, say more. I don’t know about other people, but I find the older I get the more external influence lays pressure on me to say less, do less, be less.

Jonny has the kind of spirit that cannot be described or translated in a photograph, he has the steely determination of an SAS recruit and the compassion and kindness of an old soul. his memory is incredible, he just allows his brain to absorb everything with no concept of whether or not he will ever need the information again.

yorkshire sculpture park

yorkshire sculpture park

Jonny’s elder brother is a much more sensitive soul, he is considered and quiet, he observes and explores. He is also, hands down, the coolest kid ever, he cares so much about how he dresses, it’s got to be just right, whether its a new cap or the best shirt/jeans combo. He’s a passionate, talented footballer who cares deeply for the team he plays for and the players who make it up. He’s most certainly not as big a fan of having his photo taken, not like his monkey of a little brother!

yorkshire sculpture park

Exploring with kids is the way to go, no hesitations, running in and out of the sculptures, dragging me into bunkers and shouting with excitement at every corner. There is simply no way to be sad when I’m with them.

yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park

As well as the sculptures that take residence in the park, the London Tower poppies are also currently taking pride of place. I have seen them in London, at night, and they we’re beyond breath taking, seeing them at YSP was a very different experience. They felt less poignant, and not as fragile. The poppies are in situ on the bridge until January 2016.

yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park┬áIt’s amazing what a big dose of fresh air, a little creative inspiration and a whole heap of hugs can do. My heart is still a little fragile, but knowing I have a family who care for me makes it all that much easier to deal with.

Kudos to my aunt and uncle for bringing up such wonderful kids, who ask questions, love wholly and never settle for anything other than exactly what they want!

yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park yorkshire sculpture park



  1. 3rd November 2015 / 1:16 pm

    I absolutely love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I always try to visit at least once a year with my parents. I was gutted that I didn’t chance to see the poppies in London so we headed there last week and it was such a beautiful sight.

    I agree that sometimes it’s easy to stay inside and avoid the world but switching off that phone and exploring with other people in nature is just such a great experience. I’m glad you had a nice day!

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