My Favourite Blog Posts of 2016

I like a good yearly round up, especially my favourite parts of the internet, but this year rather than just the people I have loved, those i’ve been inspired by, laughed with, brought to tears by, I would instead share my favourite moments of theirs on this hear internet some of us call a home of sorts. You’re about to read about my favourite blog posts of 2016…

As expected, every single person on this list is female, they are the women who spur me on to write, to upload and to do so for my own enjoyment, not solely the validation of others.

Amy Liz – Food, life, books and contemplation

Amy Liz Leeds blogger blog postsFirst up is my closest blogging buddy and IRL friend too, Amy. Amy’s changed the way she blogs this year, and it’s inspired. Rather than fitting into the expectations of others and the way blogs are ‘supposed’ to be run, Amy has started simply uploading when she is inspired, when she has something to say, and although I have always loved her blog, it really has made every post she does share, that much more engaging and pleasurable to read.

This blog post from her is one of my favourites; Delight, it starts with the words “Melted cheese, in all its forms. Really, really cold white wine. Perfectly ripe raspberries. Hot buttered toast.” Perfection!

Shot From The Street – fashion inspo, life envy and photography goals

Shot from the street blog postsFrom lifestyle and food to envious fashion and style, Lizzie is one of those bloggers that gives me major fashion feels, made even better by her fresh approach to photography, rather than stark back groud and odd body positioning, she is all about juxtaposition, an approach and word I adore. Whether is the speeding lights of London or the graffiti of Manchester, Lizzie’s posts that are filled with so much more than the clothes.

But, hands down my favourite 2016 thing she’s done is utilising not only digital camera images but old school, printed in real life images, in her “my life on 35mm” series, it’s inspired and a breath of fresh air in a world of cookie cutter fashion blogging monotony. Also, she’s a bloody babe in real life!

Queen Beady – Instagram lust, non conforming Northern beauty

Queen Beady Leeds blog postsKeeping it northern for the number three, I’ve followed Bee on all kinds of social media platforms for years, but it’s only been in the last 12 months we’ve met it real life. Bee is another blogger doing things her way, not to fit in or conform buy ambien online cheap with others, her blog is a true insight into her life and just as with Lizzie, it’s so refreshing to not be bombarded with samey locations and de ja vu outfits.

Also massively in love with Bee’s new instagram vibe, dark and moody the perfect antidote to overly edited content that seems to be overtaking my favourite app.


Yes And Yes – the best friend online you’ve love to have in real life

Sarah Von Bargen Yes and Yes blog posts

Sarah is the best friend on the internet you’d love to have in real life, she’s a champion, cheer leader, straight talker and all round font of untold knowledge. I adore her for the exact opposite reason I love Bee and Lizzie, Sarah has found her groove online and that comes in the form of fantastic regular series including Real Life, Web Time Wasters and much more.

I turn to Sarah for life advice, a blogging kick up the back side as it were, her straight talking no bull shit approach is always done in the style of a best friend telling you that guy’s no good, or it’s time to leave that awful job.



Fashion Foie Gras – beautiful soul with southern charm

Last, and most certainly by no means least is this awesome woman, Emily. When I first dipped my toes into blogging it was because of Emily, her blog was insanely good, she was churning out an intense amount of content, all about the fashion industry and fashion foie gras blog postsas a fashion nerd she was my enabler. Over the years her style has changed, the blog has so much more of her life, including her travels, her foodie favourites and of course those beautiful pooches of hers!

Although I have read Fashion Foie Gras like it’s a religion, I fell back in love with the blog and Emily *fan girl and not even a little sorry* when she shared this post about gaining weight and the impact not only on her emotions, but her job and blog. It’s an honest, genuine post that acts as a reminder that although we consume blog posts for our own ends, there are people behind it and knowing more about them and what makes them tick is the crux of adding value to the internet, not just swoon-worthy images.

I would absolutely LOVE to know which blog posts you have loved this year, be sure to leave them in the comments below or tweet me with them, I’m always on the hunt for newness to read!

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