Five Little Gifts of Luxury

Although this is a post filled with five little gifts of luxury, it is not a gift guide as such! Rather a collection of lovely things that make me happy, and in turn might just make you happy, or someone you love happy this Christmas, or to be honest any time at all!

Beautiful Bedding

5 Little Gifts of Luxury

Let’s start with something simple, yet something I know myself and other people haven’t always invested in. I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune on bedding, but spending a little more, getting something a little more special.

The trick is, white bedding, easy to wash, always looks luxurious and reminds me of a lovely hotel room. Also although it appears to be high maintenance, if you get good enough quality bedding they wash perfectly and carry on looking deliciously comfortable!

The White Company Cashmere Socks

5 Little Gifts of Luxury

Cashmere jumpers look fantastic, but they are a pain to look after, they bobble and heaven forbid you try to wash them they end up looking like something your dog could wear! Socks, though cashmere socks, now we’re talking!

These beauts are just about the most luxurious things in the world when it comes to keeping your tootsies happy and cosy! They come in grey like mine, pale pink, baby blue, black and white so whatever your jam, there’s a pair for you.

Also, they make a gorgeous present for that person in your life who has everything, socks are a traditional gift, but these are that bit more special!

Porter Magazine Subscription

5 Little Gifts of Luxury

Never underestimate the power of doing fuck all, sitting down, reading a magazine and doing nothing else, other than maybe drinking a coffee!

I don’t do enough of it, but when I do get round to it, I can almost entirely guarantee that I will be reading Porter Magazine, a blend of exceptional writing and imagery along with badass women and not even the slightest hint of ‘womens’ magazine nonsense.

Magazine subscriptions make a bloody great present, the gift that literally keeps on giving. Every month, without fail, for a whole year a perfectly packaged glossy drops through the door and it’s a delight!

Rose Gold Wine Glasses

5 Little Gifts of Luxury 5 Little Gifts of Luxury

Since renovating my kitchen I’m eternally on the look out for beautiful, inexpensive bits and bobs to add to it. So when my lovely friend Claire sent me a snap from our local supermarket showing these absolutely beautiful rose gold glasses I literally made it my mission to get them in my life!

I went for 6 of the wine, 6 champagne & 6 tumblers and they make me happy every time I have a glass of wine or for that matter water! They look as expensive as West Elm or Anthropoligie but have the price tag of Asda.

Although they are out of stock currently online, they are in many stores so definitely worth keeping an eye out for them! They also do them in silver is rose gold isn’t for you.

Neom Organics Real Luxury Home Mist

5 Little Gifts of Luxury 5 Little Gifts of Luxury

I’ve always admired Neom products from afar, then earlier this year I began working with them in a freelance capacity and in turn that meant being surrounded by their wellbeing products and since the first day i’ve been hooked. All the scent ranges offer so much more than beautiful scents, they are treatments, whether you’re in need of an energy boost, a better nights sleep, a little de-stress of even a sprinkling of happiness they have something for it all.

Whilst I am a sucker for a candle, and they fill my home, one of my favourite products of theirs is this home mist, whilst working from home has many benefits it can lead to the house not feeling like a home after hours. I spritz this mist in my lounge once my work is done for the day and it signifies home time to me.

With items ranging from minis for on the go all the way through to full range bundles, there is something for even the toughest to buy for folk.

All Out Comfy Pyjamas

5 Little Gifts of Luxury

There are some things that just make you feel happy, new pjs are that thing for me. Non of this novelty nonsense, just plain and simple plaid pjs from M&S, they fit like a dream, are cosy without being synthetic and sweaty feeling and are a bargain too!

So whilst I sit writing this blog post, on my bed covered in lovely bedding, wearing my pjs and socks, surrounded by the de-stressing home mist, drinking wine out of my rose gold glass and preparing to hit publish followed by reading Porter magazine, I am thoroughly embracing these little luxuries and highly recommend you do too!

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