Foundry Project Harrogate

Fried Chicken? Check. Bloody Mary’s? Check. Interiors Goals? Check

Let me introduce you to The Foundry Project Harrogate, our beautiful towns newest bar.

foundry project harrogate

foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogateI’d heard rumblings of a new kid in town, then when the team from Foundry Project got in touch to invite me to bottomless disco brunch with prosecco and a Bloody Mary bar, I got my ass down there quick sharp.

I know I talk mostly on here about indie food joints, but it’s only fair that when a bigger brand comes along and does an awesome job, I share the love for them too.

There are only three things that I really need from a bar, great food, great drinks and great music, Foundry Project ticks all those boxes, the HUGE newspaper style menu has everything from poached eggs to pizza, fried chicken to brownies, my mum and Craig got thoroughly engrossed…

foundry project harrogate

First up though, before any food was ordered, we headed to the Bloody Mary customiser bar, with genuinely everything you could imagine adding to my favourite drink, including bacon!

I went for onion, pepper, lime & extra fresh tomatoes…

foundry project harrogate

foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate

Once the rest of the gang arrived it was time to get ordering, we we’re there for the bottomless brunch, where you add on £15 to whatever meal you are having and that gets you as many Mimosas or Bellini’s as you like or as much and Prosecco by the glass as you like! Brunch goals for sure!

We decided to have a couple of starters to keep us going whilst we worked through the menu, we got a dough balls and fried pickles with blue cheese sauce.

foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate

The dough balls we a little too doughy for me *ridiculous I know* but made up for it by being drenched in garlic butter and herbs, the perfect hangover cure I do believe!

The deep fried pickles were amazing, thin slivers of pickle in a light, crispy batter and the tastiest blue cheese sauce which I would like on the side of every meal from now on!

foundry project harrogate

As we we’re eating a little later most of us went for burgers, not your average burgers though, awesome, different toppings that made it almost impossible to choose! Choose we did though, we went for;

Buttermilk Chicken, fried chicken with spicy coleslaw,

Reuben, 6oz dry aged beef patty, salt beef, sauerkraut, gherkin, Swiss cheese with tabasco mayo,

Glazed Bacon, a 6oz dry aged beef patty with glazed smoked bacon, cheese and American mustard, mayonnaise, sliced beef tomato and little gem lettuce!

Holy crap they were all amazing, so much so that we all basically ate in silence aside from the occasional ‘mmmm’ – a true sign of great food!

foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogateI also decided that I should carry on the theme of blue cheese by having a side order of house fries with blue cheese mayo, topped with parmesan shavings, they were honestly amazing, in fact I very much which I was eating them now as I write this!

I was really impressed with the gluten free offerings as well, Claire who was eating with us is gluten and wheat free and usually struggles to find really great burger buns but she was really impressed that her burger came and looked just like ours! It’s a great touch not making those who have dietary requirements feel different or awkward.

foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate

My buttermilk chicken was perfect, moist and juicy inside and crispy and a little spicy on the outside! It’s tough to get really good fried chicken over here, compared to the U.S we tend to go easy on the spice and light on the frying, but without those two things it simply isn’t great friend chicken. I’m pleased to report that Foundry Project do it just right!

Mum decided to buck the trend and went for Colombian Eggs, paired with hot sauce and toasted sourdough and a side of avocado, to me the perfect breakfast choice and after mum raved about it, i’ll be back to try it asap!

foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate

Although saying no to dessert feels like a crime, I was so full of savoury goodness I decided to skip the sweet treats, but Craig took one for the team and went for the chocolate brownie with toffee ice cream and salted caramel sauce, and it’s safe to say he made short work of it!

foundry project harrogate

foundry project harrogateAlthough I decided against a dessert I did want to try the coffee, from Caravan  Coffee Roasters, and I wasn’t disappointed!

foundry project harrogate

We all finished the meal off with one last drink, mum went for another Bloody Mary, Craig went for the eternally tropical looking Crucilble Ice Tea made with green tea, lemon, honey and mint leaves (he loved it so much he had another few at the launch night later that week!), Claire opted for another glass of prosecco, I on the other hand went for the master of all cocktails.

Once I spotted Dr Scott on the menu it had to be mine! The most perfect blend of Chivas Regal 12 year old whisky, Dr Pepper reduction & Angostura bitters, INCREDIBLE!

foundry project harrogate foundry project harrogate

The Foundry Project is an interior dream of industrial lighting and comfy seating, not to mention they have a photo booth and a DJ playing everything from chill out ibiza vibes over brunch and indie dance to dance the night away too. The bar is tucked down The Ginnel, off Parliament Street in Harrogate, just up from Montey’s, across from The Pit, an excellent addition to the bar scene in Harrogate for sure.

Love this little mantra I saw on the menu, says it all really…

We welcome you to lead  the oddest life. Of newspaper flipping, coffee cup sipping, mid-morning brunches and long late lunches. Devouring burgers, polishing off pizzas, good-time people sharing margaritas. Late-night cocktails, something on tap, dancing, mingling… simple as that.

I’m thoroughly impressed by Foundry Project, by the food, the drinks, service and concept, not to mention it has super fast wifi and is open all day, which means it may just become my go to working out of the office joint!

Only seems right I end this with a cheeky shot of the team who make it all possible, look that those blue steel stares and power poses!

foundry project harrogate

Thank you so much to the whole team at Foundry Project for spoiling us rotten and making us feel thoroughly welcome, we’ve all been back once and I know we’ll be back again!


  1. Fletch
    4th July 2017 / 12:22 pm

    This review has got me excited for my trip there this Sunday – looks and sounds awesome!

    • Emma
      4th July 2017 / 12:26 pm

      You going for the bottomless brunch? Max out on the bloody marys they are magic!

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