Halo Coffee, At Home Coffee Pod Game Changers

7am I wake up, by 7.10am I’ve had my first coffee. Up until a few weeks ago, it was always a Nespresso. However, in a bid to stop destroying the planet, I trying my hardest to reduce the amount of plastic and non recyclable items I have in the house. Say hello to Halo.

halo coffee compostable coffee

The world’s first fully compostable coffee capsule! Rather than being shipped to landfill and taking between 150-200 years to decompose, like Nespresso and the like to do, Halo capsules can be dropped into your food recycling bin at home and will break down within 90 days. To give you some context, an apple core takes about 30 days, and orange peel around 6 months.

halo coffee compostable coffee According to research, 39,000 coffee capsules (non-Halo) are produced, globally, every minute, of which up to 29,000 are sent to rot. Or not rot as is the case. That’s around 20 billion capsules containing aluminium or plastic being produced every year – enough to circle the earth 14 times.

Halo popped up as an ad on my Instagram and I must admit my cynical mind semi-rolled my eyes and presumed it was just a gimmick that they are entirely compostable, or they would taste crap. I’m here to tell you they taste epic. Better than Nespresso, more complex, more coffee.

I ordered 3 different varieties, I’m a woman who likes choice. The most important was the decaf, as a coffee fiend likes me likes to drink it all day long, which means at some point I need to chill with the full on caffeine.

halo coffee compostable coffee

Halo Minus, the decaf option, is a really complex flavour, a blend of apricot, plum and black tea, it tastes awesome black but even more amazing topped up with milk and also almond milk too!

Pacamara is a single origin coffee and has a much richer fruity flavour, with plus, passionfruit and blackcurrant notes, which a touch of nutmeg. My go to daily, first thing in the morning, coffee for sure. This is definitely one with milk for me, and tastes best I think with a splash of whole milk, and would be epic with a touch of cream I’m sure.

Three Mountain is the most drinkable for me, as a sweet but strong coffee fan, the flavours of chocolate, berries and molasses make this the most satisfying coffee for me. It’s also the one that most people I’ve got to try Halo liked the most. It reminds me of drinking coffee watching the sunset in Rome.

halo coffee compostable coffee halo coffee compostable coffee

But it’s not enough that it tastes epic, their eco credentials are off the chart too! It would have been no good creating the world’s most sustainable coffee capsule if they then went and wrapped it in toxic materials. So, they didn’t. The oxygen wrap that keeps Halo Coffee fresh is certified home compostable, too. As well as the box itself, and the sticker, and the vegetable ink, and the insert.

The pods themselves are made from sugar cane and paper pulp. When they break down, they allow the nutrient-rich coffee grounds to become fertile soil for plants to grow in. You can throw the pods away with your normal food bin or compost bin and don’t need to take them apart to be broken down by speciality machines.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!

halo coffee compostable coffee halo coffee compostable coffee halo coffee compostable coffee

Nils Leonard, Halo Coffee founder hit the nail on the head…

“We believe that the major coffee companies aren’t doing enough to combat waste, so if they won’t, we will. We want to set a new standard for coffee capsules and in a year we will have forced the whole industry to change.  For the first time, Kopi Luwak, the world’s finest and rarest coffee will be available in a capsule for coffee lovers to enjoy with the knowledge that every cup isn’t harming the planet.”

The final bit of awesome is the most simple one, but the one that will make Halo Coffee a game changer, the pods fit in Nespresso machines! Winner!

If you need me, i’ll be drinking Halo at home, and on the go in my new KeepCup!

You can buy Halo Coffee pack at a time, or you can subscribe to them and the pods will land on your door matt every week, fortnight or month, whatever works for you!

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