Hopeful Traveler Headed Home

imageAm I still Travelling Hopefully?
I have been away from home for 13 weeks and today is my very last day – I step on a plane at 11.30 this evening and by this time tomorrow my darling beautiful and much missed daughter will be hugging me and I will be back home and I so can’t wait.
But, and it’s a hell of a big but a part of me just wants to stay on and carry on with this amazing journey, meeting new people, and new challenges and seeing this extraordinary world through the eyes of a solo traveller.
There are a few life changing things that have happened to me on this journey, none of which were expected or looked for.
I love owning just a few items, all of which would fit into a medium sized suitcase. I love the fact that I carry everything I am with me, I am a complete person, perhaps for the first time in my life.
I no longer look to others for validation, if I want to do it I do it, if I love it its because I love it and nobody else told me I should. If I visit a hugely popular tourist site and think hmm well it’s not that good, well that’s my idea of heaven – I haven’t been influenced by anyone else opinion, I have my own.
For the first time in my life I have my own opinion, I stand up for that opinion and don’t change just because someone else doesn’t agree.
I have found the joy of travelling alone, the utter joy of always looking forward instead of constantly looking to the side to check if my travelling partner is happy. I’m happy and that’s what really counts.
I attract people, they want to talk to me, they come over to talk to me and for chunks of time I am interacting with people who I would never even have seen if I had not be travelling alone.
I have stepped out of many comfort zones, and still found comfort out on the limb and by trying something new and unexpected and sometimes just saying ‘yes I will’ i have had experiences that have taken my breath away by their extraordinary beauty, things that will stay with me as long as I live.
I haven’t been to exotic places, no boat trip up the amazon or overnight bus ride through Asia, no swimming in the Great Barrier Reef or climbing the Himalayas – I have just travelled around perhaps the most diverse place I have ever been.
America and Canada are not just one generic gelatinous lump they are places filled with the most outrageous amounts of diversity, city scapes and mountain views, occasionally at the same time. And people, everyone one of them who has added such a depth of richness to my journey.
I started this journey hoping that I would find a startling new road to travel for the rest of my life and instead I seem to have got in touch with the person I really am.
I wanted to find peace of mind and to be happy again and I have accomplished both of those things.
I like me again, I trust my attitude to life, I smile most of the time and because of that I feel positive about the road ahead. It’s probably the same road I was already on and that’s just fine with me, however I’ll be travelling the road happy and not just hopeful anymore.
I am no longer the hopeful traveller I am the happy traveller on life’s long and winding road and now I know for certain that I am lucky beyond words. I am surrounded by people I love and live in a place of freedom and opportunity and all I have to do is to live and finally I know that’s enough for me.

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