How To Accessorise A Monochrome Outfit

If you’re a head to toe neutral clothing fan like me, but want to branch out into colour I’m here to share my tips of how to accessorise a monochrome outfit like a boss.

Find yourself reaching for, or even buying bold colours knowing full well you’re going to send it all back as soon as you try it on because if you’re honest with yourself monochrome is your happy place? Welcome to my life! Step away from the clothes and take a big old leap towards accessories!

Let me break my wardrobe down for you, 5¬†pairs of jeans, 4 jumpers, 2 bodies, 2 jumpsuits, 3 pair of boots, 4 coats…all black, grey or white with the odd splash of blue denim.

How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe

I’m forever lusting over Instagram accounts awash with colour and pattern and long to be able to wear them, but the truth is, they don’t suit me, I don’t like them and I dread to think how much money I have wasted on clothes that I’ve literally never worn!

I’ve learnt my lesson though and taught myself how to accessorise a monochrome outfit like a boss, and I’m here to share my wisdom.

First up it’s all about the palette, just as with my never ending selection of monochrome clothing, I worked out that the colours I loved are jewel tones, burgundy, British Racing Green, gold and animal print, the work well together and they add a little something special to a simple jeans and tee or head to toe black.

How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe

How To Accessorise a Monochrome Outfit Tip 1: Rock A Print

Step aside Liz McDonald, there’s a new queen of print in town! Seriously there is nothing I love more than finding the perfect animal print accessory, in this case these awesome buckle boots, they have the perfect height heel for all day wear but also look great for a night out.

The trick with animal print is colour and material, colour wise you need to go for a pattern that has a large percentage of black within it, however steer away from zebra print as it’s only adding more monochrome to your wardrobe. Leopard & cheater print are fantastic wardrobe staples, they add brightness to an outfit and a focal point.

I’m a one print pony if you like, only ever one print at a time, and to avoid looking too matchy-matchy you’ll never find me rocking a matching shoe and bag look, not my style!

How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe

How To Accessorise a Monochrome Outfit Tip 2: Colour Your Way

I know it seems off to suggest you adding colour to your wardrobe when you’re clearly a black, white and denim fan, but go with me here…

The best way to add colour into your outfit is in small, considered doses. I know that burgundy, green and red are my colours, they suit me and my colouring, they compliment the monochrome and denim in my wardrobe and they are timeless. Fashion colours date, and date quickly. Take neon for example, it was E V E R Y W H E R E over the last 18 months, every high street store and high end one too, had neon accessories left right and centre. But when colours are everywhere suddenly, they vanish just as quick and suddenly look outdated and you won’t wear them.

Before you buy a coloured accessory, ask yourself these three things;

1. Does this go with 3 outfits I already have? If yes, move onto the next question…

2. Have I seen it in every magazine & blog? If yes, stop and think to yourself do I like it because I’ve seen it lots, or because I really like it?


3. Once you have left the shop/website without it in your possession, are you still thinking about it/wanting it a week later? If yes, then get your ass back and get it!

These three questions will keep you on track for a concise wardrobe of accessories that works!

I bring the majority of colour into my wardrobe with my jewellery, especially my rings, which I lean towards gold and various shades of green. It all started with my ring and watch that I treated myself to for my 30th, the rich British racing green works really well with my pale olive skin and dark hair.

The newest piece of green beauty I’ve added to my accessories wardrobe is this stunning cocktail ring from Lola Rose, I saw it and immediately knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Not an every day ring, although you totally could, instead for me it’s my kick ass ring, I slip it on and feel fancy AF and that’s a bloody good feeling.

It’s a lighter shade but in the same tone and wrapped in gold really compliments the pieces I wear every day without stealing focus or looking too ‘done’. Plus bonus time it’s in the sale!

How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe

How To Accessorise a Monochrome Outfit Tip 2: Texture

Texture is so so underrated and yet can sometimes be exactly the thing your outfit needs. Faux fur, embossed leather, suede, feather, whatever you fancy, there’s a texture for you!

I’m a faux fur fan, this wrap was a bargain and gets compliments every time I wear it, the shades and tones fit with my pre-approved palette and it also keeps me warm, beautiful and useful the dream!

I’m also a fan of textured leather or vegan leather, it adds an expensive look to even the most simple of bags or belts and really adds a pop to an outfit, which I why I LOVE this cross-body bag so much. It’s simple, sleek and chic but packs a punch in colour and texture and even my favourite black jeans and cashmere jumper look infinitely more awesome with this slung across my body.

If you want something a little more subtle, then what about a chunky knit hat or scarf, this ox blood one has been a saviour this winter and despite being oversized, as it’s not an in your face colour and blends nicely with my dark hair, it’s become a staple and so much more special than a plain black one.

How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe How To Accessorise A Monochrome Wardrobe

Hope those little tips have helped you brave branching out into a little more excitement for your monochrome outfits, but remember, it’s what you feel great in, not what’s fashionable.

They say step out of your comfort zone, I say blur the lines a little rather than stepping totally away from it. Add a splash of colour, a pop of print and a little texture and you’ll step into 2018 as your chicest you ever…

If you have a go to accessory or colour in your monochrome wardrobe, I want to know about it!

How To Accessorise A Monochrome Outfit

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