Tips For Buying The Perfect Wool Coat

Find yourself eternally searching for the perfect wool coat? Worry no more, I’m here with some super simple tips for buying the perfect wool coat. Call me crazy but when it comes to buying a coat, you gotta come at it like dating. Finding something worth fully committing to for a few months every year requires a little playing the field, a lot of knowing what you like, and honestly a small dose of luck.

how to find the perfect wool coat

I have some awesome tips to help you find the perfect wool coat for you and your wardrobe, so you don’t find yourself dragging through the shops winter season after season.

1. Know You Body

Wanna look awesome? You need to know what looks awesome on you. Let me tell you it’s fuck all to do with what magazines tell you looks ‘good for your shape’ – it’s about your personal aesthetic, how you want to look and feel, not about what some journalist has decided is ‘right’ for you.

You need to also know that you don’t always have to wear clothes to flatter your body, you’ve got big boobs and want to wear a cropped bomber jacket cos it makes you feel awesome, you do that. Love the look of over sized masculine style, go right ahead and rock it.

The only person who knows what makes you feel good is you, and let me tell you right now I’ve been styled numerous times to ‘flatter’ my body and i’ve hated every single outfit. Sure I’m told I should wear waist belts but I hate them, they make me feel shitty and that means no matter how aesthetically pleasing other people may think it looks, if I feel shit, I’ll look it too.

I like how my body looks in a mid length, peacoat double breast style with a large collar and gold details. That’s not to say that I won’t ever stray from that, but every time I put coats like that on, I feel my most ‘me’.

how to find the perfect wool coat

how to find the perfect wool coat

2. Be Prepared To Pay A Little More

I don’t mean break the bank, but I do mean think of your wool coat as an investment. Buying cheap wool alternatives whilst they may be cheaper, do not last in the same way, they don’t wear in the same way and you’ll find yourself buying again and again.

If you’re wanting to know the nitty gritty about the differences between high street and high end winter coats, I highly recommend watching Lizzie’s Testing Basics video, from £80-£1000 she buys, wears and tests them all!

My longest serving coat, isn’t a wool one, it’s a parka style water proof one from Joules. It was £275 and at the time felt like spending a small fortune, but I wear that coat twice a day, every day, to walk the dogs. It keeps me warm, it’s adjustable so allows for chunky knits under it and as it’s plain khaki it goes with everything and never goes out of style.

Don’t get me wrong, Primark, Boohoo etc do almost identical ones, but they simply won’t last like mine does.

3. Material Matters

On from the price thing, let’s talk material! Read every label carefully. Seriously, so many coats are made from cheap acrylics, even the expensive ones!

On occasion things that are advertised as “wool” are only some tiny percent wool, and then 80% nylon and spandex. Let me tell you, Polyester will not keep you warm, it also will make you smell, honestly the mix of hot bodies and polyester leads to funky fragrance, not something you want I am sure!

Wool isn’t cheap, and although I’m not saying go for 100% wool in your coat, I am saying to look for the highest percentage within your budget.

Helene Berman at ASOS does fantastic 70% wool coats for around £125-£175, I have my eye on this grey one for my NYC trip.

This masculine over sized coat from Zara is 75% wool and only £69.99

how to find the perfect wool coat

how to find the perfect wool coat

4. Keep It Neutral

Investment pieces are not the time to go balls to the wall away from your personal style. That being said, when I say neutral, what I mean is in keeping with your wardrobe. If you rock brights 365 days a year, don’t buy a grey coat, but do buy one that’s in a shade that works with at least 70% of your winter wardrobe.

Leopard print is an awesome neutral as although it’s a pattern, it’s made up from neutral shades, the same can be said for houndstooth or other checks, if the colours that make the coat blend into and compliment your wardrobe, you’re on to a winner.

However, if like me you are a black, white, grey and navy kinda gal, then stick within those colour palettes

5. Function Over Fashion

Trends come and go, style does not. There is a reason that pea coats, macs and blazers have never gone away. They are stylish staples which is why they are worth spending more £££ on.

Look for elements that will stand the test of time such as, double layer stitching on hems, well fitting lining, simple hardware like buttons and details, choose buttons not poppers.

Things to avoid, faux fur (unless detachable), trend lead patterns, strong logos.

how to find the perfect wool coat how to find the perfect wool coat

6. Pockets Always

I don’t trust any woman who isn’t over the moon about pockets! There is no outfit that isn’t improved by pockets, and that’s a fact!

Coats MUST have pockets, I literally do not understand coats that have shit pockets. I have to be able to fit my wallet and my phone, plus my house keys, so I have no time for those pathetic little angle pockets that won’t fit loose change in never mind anything else.

7. Layers, Layers, Layers

It may seem obvious to say this, but think about what you’re going to wear underneath your coat. There is no point in investing in an awesome coat that you love, and then only being able to fit a thin knit under it. Layers are heavenly, they are your best defence in winter. So think about layers when you buy your wool coat, take the sweaters you’ll be wearing under your coat when you go to try them on.

how to find the perfect wool coat

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