Ibiza Without The Partying

Fancy a trip to Ibiza, but don’t like the idea of drinking til your liver hates you? I have the ultimate guide to Ibiza without the partying!

Ibiza Without The Partying

Ibiza got itself somewhat of a reputation for being the party capital, so when the opportunity for a trip there came up I was a little concerned that as a non raver that Ibiza wouldn’t be the place for me, how wrong I was! There’s much, much more to the white isle than headliners and hangovers.

Walk, walk, walk…

If I could give you one piece of advice, packing trainers would be it! Ibiza is so beautiful, never mind the big towns, head off the beaten track! There are two national parks on the island, The Las Salinas National Park has the most wonderful eco-system that stretches along the coast and into the water, all the way to Formentera!

Ibiza Without The Partying

The Es Vedra Nature reserve is an island which can be visited by boat, it has an impressive 476m peak, which you can scale, if you fancy it! The island is a haven for wildlife and is a beautifully idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the main island.

Ibiza Without The Partying

It’s not just Ibizan nature that makes for a great day of walking, the beautiful towns dotted throughout the island are beyond pretty, with coffee shops a plenty to keep you caffeinated as you walk! Santa Eulalia is by far my favourite town, it has everything you could need, plus it’s beyond pretty!

Ibiza Without The Partying

Image courtesy of TUI Ibiza Without The Partying

Eat somewhere amazing!

You simply cannot go to a Mediterranean island and not indulge in the wealth of incredible seafood they have on offer, from paella with the biggest prawns I have ever seen, to simple grilled fish on the beach, there’s seafood for every budget!

I could list you a whole heap of places that I loved, however the two stand out places for me La Brasa in Ibiza Town. An unbelievably beautiful restaurant, with outdoor dinning draped is wisteria and olive trees, the staff are fantastic and the paella is the best I have ever tasted! It gets crazy busy so if you really want to visit I would book for sure!

Ibiza Without The Partying Ibiza Without The Partying

If simple, grilled fish on the beach is more your thing then Brisa de la Mar is where you want to head, you sit literally on the beach, in fact we sat so close the waves lapped at our toes as the tide came in. The menu is simple, with just a few catches of the day and beautiful fresh salads.

Ibiza Without The Partying Ibiza Without The Partying

Now it’s not a restaurant, but if you go to Ibiza Town (and I strongly recommend you do…read why later in the post) be sure to go to the fruit market at the foot of the castle walls for the BEST peaches I have ever eaten! If peaches aren’t your thing they have every fruit you can think of, and so tasty you’ll turn your nose up an supermarket fruit forever more!

Ibiza Without The Partying

Get on a boat

Ditch the car and make the most of the beautiful generic of ambien cr waters that surround Ibiza, jump on a boat and town hop that way! With jetties and mini ports dotted throughout the island, you’re never far from a watery treat. Not all boat trips are created equally though, some offer a simple water taxi service, with a shuttle time table, this is the most cost effective way to travel by boat.

Ibiza Without The Partying Ibiza Without The Partying

But, if you feel a little fancy, and like the idea of feeling like a celeb, you can hire a private boat for the day and tour around the whole island, stopping for lunch aboard, swimming and even a glass or two of sangria as you watch the sunset!

Ibiza Without The Partying

Hippy Market

It really wouldn’t be a holiday without a trip to a market, but rather than the tatty markets that sadly some places have become known for, you won’t find knock off designer bags or crappy toys at the Hippy Markets, instead they are jam packed with local creatives. From basket weavers to ceramics, beautiful clothing and jewellery and local produce. Hippy markets can be found all over the island, and all happen on different days, meaning you can guarantee getting your hippy on whilst you’re in Ibiza.

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Without The Partying Ibiza Without The Partying Ibiza Without The Partying

Forget the clubs, the booze and the hangovers, Ibiza Town has some of the most breathtaking architecture I have ever seen, not to mention some of the oldest, including the castle walls. They take a good few hours to walk, and I don’t recommend doing it in the middle of the day as there is limited cover once you’re up there, however they have the most incredible views of the island and are packed with history

Exploring the narrow, winding, steep cobbled streets was one of my favourite moments of the trip, the magnificent views from the breaks in the high ramparts and the vast terraces are worth the near heart attack inducing steps and steep ramps. The dramatic main entrance is up a slope, crossing a drawbridge through the Portal de Ses Taules, flanked by mighty statues in roman stone, entering into an ancient cobbled stone courtyard, giving immediately on to the Plaza de Vila or main square, which really does make you stop and stare, mouth open!

Ibiza Without The Partying Ibiza Without The Partying

Wooden doors left slight ajar, reveal spacious stone courtyards and private chapels, that offer a cool retreat from the sunshine. The gift shops and art galleries on the walk up to the cathedral are treasure troves of the unusual and unique works of talented local crafts people, you can easily spend 2-3 hours wandering up to the top and around the highest points.

So there you have it, by top tips for loving Ibiza without the partying! I’m hoping to head back soon, so if you know more gems please let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much to Ice Lolly who inspired me at the Blog At The Beach day over the weekend to write this post, they reminded me just how much I loved Ibiza, and that it’s an island for everyone!


  1. 6th June 2017 / 10:24 am

    You’ve convinced me! Now going to spend the morning dreaming of eating paella in the sunshine…

  2. 20th June 2017 / 7:27 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this blog post, I love the idea of my feet getting caught in the slow ripples of the sea!
    Bee xxx

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