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The internet is a wonderful place, filled to the brim with gifs of puppies playing with sprinklers, cats shouting at printers and every moment of television ever recorded (near enough!). But more, much more than that, the internet is a plentiful resource for learning and personal development, something I thrive on.

Amanda De Cadenet The Conversation

In the last 2 years, I have soaked up every moment of inspiration I can get my hands on, and as luck would have it, the more I want the more is produced, especially by women. Women who are stamping their mark on the world, who are striving to build a better world for girls, with all the opportunities afforded to boys, something I feel incredibly strongly about.

One of these outlets was created by one of the most interesting of women, Amanda De Cadenet, who personified the ‘ladette’ culture of the 1990s, she drank hard, partied hard but most of all worked hard. A lot of people remember her from The Word, a late night channel 4 chat show, or maybe from her days co-presenting The Big Breakfast. Gone are the mesh shirts and pop star husbands and in their place stands a myriad of incredible women, who sat down with De Cadenet to talk, share and enlighten. Imagine if you can, part girls night in, part therapy with a dash of Amanda’s wicked laugh and some seriously enviable interiors.

I first came across The Conversation, whilst travelling around America, they became a staple for me, a series of videos that not only offered me comfort in the form of great advice, but also encouragement and inspiration. I thought that I would share with you by three favourite videos, three very different women, offering three fantastic takes on lives day-to-day goings on.

First up is Busy Phillips, most recently of Cougar generic ambien online Town fame, sharing her insights into the industries need for women to conform to certain ideals, weight and behaviour to name a few. Her strength of character is clear to see in this short interview, her concerns for the pressures we women thrust upon ourselves by absorbing the incessant drivel the media spouts.



Next up has to be Amber Valletta, entrepreneur, mother and supermodel, she stands steadfastly to the believe that we all have the chance to blaze our own trail through life, that no matter which cards we are dealt in life, if you want change badly enough, we will find a way to make it a reality. This resonated with me and to be honest, I have watched is more than 20 times, I identify with her need to create a greater world for herself and the people around her.



Last but by no means least, Issa Rae, of Awkward Black Girl fame, on being pigeon holed and learning to own your own awkward, something that until recently I have been struggling with. Women like Issa say out loud exactly what I have felt inside for years, hearing the words out loud has made me call myself out on my own bullshit and learn to own my awkward.



There you have it, a brief introduction to one of the best corners of the internet, filled with power, passion and support, something both the rest of the internet and the world as a whole could really benefit from.

Thank you Amanda, for being the sort of woman I look up to, and for helping women like me become the kind of women future generations of girls will look up to.

Do you have a go to corner of the internet that makes you feel like you could take on anything…

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  1. 13th November 2013 / 1:19 pm

    GREAT post! I absolutely love ADC {as you know} there are some seriously good interviews. Mind you another good one is Oprah some of her super soul sunday’s and next chapters with women are phenomenal.

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