Internet Awesomeness

internet awesomeness

Spending such a vast amount of time on the internet, I consume an insurmountable about of content, from celebrity nonsense to fashion styling, feminism to politics.

As well as articles I happen upon, I also love link roundups on other blogs I ravish, including Sarah at YES & YES for life awesomeness and Oh She Glows for foodie inspiration.

So I thought I would start a mid week collection of links I love in a new series, Internet Awesomeness…

Blogger Warning Curves Ahead nails this ‘over 30’ conversation perfectly – 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear 

Bodyform have done it again, nailed period adverts with honestly and integrity rather than fucking blue gel rather than blood and roller skating through a meadow rather than things women actually do! They get it spot on, no blood should hold us back.

Maisie Williams was her usual wonderful self and schooled the Daily Fail on how headlines should be written

I don’t know about you but I continue to feel baffled by the wave upon wave of ‘clean eating’ advice that seems to flood every media outlet known to mankind, Poppy calls bull shit on it and chats with The Angry Chef.

If it’s not clean eating I’m feeling guilty about not doing enough of, it’s de-cluttering! If you head over to amazon and type in declutter & books there are 1,630 options, luckily Refinery29 have 10 super simple ways to declutter and they are a dream!

If you’ve read something awesome online let me know, leave me a comment and share the love!

Until next time…

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