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My name is Emma and I am a watch lover, there I said it! I love the subtle statement a great watch makes, whether it’s my Michael Korrs Rose Gold, or my beautiful Omega inherited from my dad, they just add a little something to an outfit. When the team from Jord wooden watches got in touch with me I was instantly intrigued, wooden watches, who would have thunk it…

jord wooden watches jord wooden watches

I was lucky enough to choose from the huge range of wooden watches, usually I would go for something discreet and understated but then I spotted the Fieldcrest, dark, rich wood with a black wooden face,featuring 12 hour indices and the standard three hands and the watches are powered by Japanese Miyota quartz movement. It’s understated enough to wear day-to-day, but quirky enough to receive some lovely comments from complete strangers, which is always lovely.

jord wooden watches jord wooden watches

I’ve worn a watch almost every day for as long as I can remember, usually they have metal bracelets, that dictate the rest of my jewellery however the Fieldcrest means I can wear any metal, any colour and it’s complimented. The first thing that I adored about the Fieldcrest was how light it is, not that I usually rock a kettle-bell around my wrist, but I must admit the featherweight watch made for seriously comfortable wearing and didn’t irritate me as I typed away for work.

jord wooden watches

I’m lucky enough to get to live in a uniform of my choosing, despite my curvy physique my day-to-day wear usually compromises of slouchy jeans, block heels & a white shirt, the Fieldcrest adds a touch more snazz whilst sticking with my more masculine style.

That being said, I wore the watch with my new black shift dress to a client meeting and felt it added something a little more structured, which is definitely something I class my personal style as being, relaxed structure. The Fieldcrest fits perfectly, the wood bracelet makes it incredibly comfortable to wear and although it came sized for me, there are additional bracelet links in the quirky wooden box should you need them.

The simple face design is a new look for me, I tend to go for the exaggerated faces, with dates, water depth etc, but the clean simplicity of the Fieldcrest is refreshing, it’s crisp and clear which makes me very happy.

jord wooden watches jord wooden watches

All of Jord’s watches are made from a selection of natural, sustainable woods from all over the world, making them eco-friendly which although not at the top of my list when it comes to needs for accessories, it is a lovely added bonus.

The cherry on the top has to be the fact that as a Greek Mythology & Marvel fan, it thrills me that the name Jord was the name of Thor’s mother. So there you go, basically a superhero/greek god worthy watch!

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