Kryolan Halloween Sugar Skull Kit

Now, I don’t profess to be any kind of makeup artist, however in the last two years I have got very much in the Halloween make up spirit, creating looks from clown to ghosts, vampires to white walkers. Usually I use a selection of my own make up, however one day last week a lovely email landed in my inbox from the Kryolan, offering me my choice of Halloween makeup kits!

Halloween is now right around the corner, and if you are struggling with for inspiration or if you’ve left it to the last-minute then stress no more because Kryolan have two Halloween kits to solve all your problems!

I was sent the beautiful Sugar Skull Kit which contains everything you need to recreate the image all neatly zipped up in a plastic case. This is genius! No more trailing around the shops to get your look together ready for the weekend!

kryolan sugar skull kit
Kit contains:

2 Make-up Brushes
3 Aquacolor 8ml
Body Jewels
Supracolor Clown White 30g
2 Multi Gel Glitter 10ml
Translucent Powder 20g
Powder Puff
Make-up Sponge
Make-up Bag

It also comes with a visual step-by-step guide explaining the techniques and products in detail.

kryolan sugar skull tutorial

The step by step guide is fantastic and I managed to complete the whole look in around 30 minutes, whilst being interrupted by my take away being delivered, cue hilarity as I had forgotten what I had on my face and almost gave the young lad a heart attack!

Although the packs are not cheap (The Sugar skull kit is £43.75 and The Zombie kit is £39.50), when I worked out how much it would cost to get the same amount of product individually it was significantly more expensive. Add to that the fact I used hardly any of the products, I will have lots left over to try other looks.

The thing I was most surprised by was the high quality of the products, not just the paint itself but the brushes and sponges too. Having done a lot of Halloween looks this year my skin has been through the ringer, I was a little concerned about putting more products on my skin, however after washing it off my skin was silky smooth and had no reaction at all.  I cannot recommend these kits enough, fantastic quality and kind to my skin.

Here’s my finished look, what do you think?

sugar skull halloween tutorial


Here are the other two looks I created this Halloween, I went for a creepy flower crown clown and a white walker from Game of Thrones…

halloween amkeup looks

You can find my step-by-step make up looks on Snapchat (emglobetrotter), as well as the finished looks on Instagram 

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