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Goodbye strip lashes, hello lash extensions! All thanks to Lashed Leeds, the little sister of Pastille Beauty the best nail bar in Leeds and one of my favourite places for a proper pamper without breaking the bank *in fact there’s a discount code at the end of this post!*

Nestled high above the streets with a beautiful view of the Leeds skyline, is Lashed Leeds, a chic yet entirely welcoming salon with knitted blankets, flashes of pink and the feeling of being a great friends house. In the past when I have had lash extensions done, or facials, the salons have tended to have a sterile feeling about them, and that doesn’t make for a very relaxing time.

Abra and the team at Lashed have thought about more than the services they offer, but the atmosphere too, something that they do perfectly at Pastille too.

lashed leeds las extensions

lashed leeds las extensions lashed leeds las extensionsDespite there being lots of places in and around Leeds that offer lash extensions I hadn’t managed to find anywhere I liked, or that did a good enough job, so whilst chatting with Abra at Pastille she let slip a few months back that they had something in the works, and that something was Lashed and it does not disappoint.

I have the the most straight, downward facing natural lashes and despite having LVL treatments in the past and being a whizz at putting on strip lashes I never got the dramatic yet natural look I wanted, leaving me lusting after longer, curled lashes that frame my green eyes. Below are my natural lashes, with no mascara on.

lashed leeds las extensions

There are lots of different ways to extend lashes, however Lashed specialise in Classic Individual Lash Extensions. I was in the super talented, safe hands of Julija who carefully separated each of my own natural lashes and applied your chosen extensions, based on length and curl you would like, to my natural lashes, one at a time, making sure the natural lashes do not stick together and clump. This allows the natural lash (with it’s extension attached) to grow out on its own, not pulling the neighbouring lash with them.

lashed leeds lash extensions lashed leeds lash extensions

Unlike some lash extensions where the lashes are stuck to just the root of your natural lashes, these ones are attached to the full length of the natural lashes which is what allows the natural lashes and extensions to merge together in the most natural looking way.

The whole treatment took around 2 hours, in which time was snuggled under a blanket and listening to an audio book, to be honest I slept a little too as the treatment is so non invasive and in fact really relaxing!

lashed leeds lash extensions lashed leeds lash extensions

I have never known my eyes look so pretty and so many people tell me how much they love them! In fact, as a true sign of success, three women in various bars over the weekend stopped me to ask where I had them done and I of course sent them straight to Lashed Instagram!

lashed leeds lash extensions lashed leeds lash extensions lashed leeds lash extensions

No mascara is needed, and regardless of how late I have been up working *or partying* I wake up looking fab thanks to bright wide eyes that are framed by lovely long, dark lashes. I love, love, love them and despite being quite dramatic I cannot even feel I have the lash extensions on and the upkeep of them is so easy. Simply don’t use oil based makeup remover and gently comb the lashes when you wake up to ensure they are all neat and tidy, I’ve been to the gym like normal, showered, danced the night away.

I think of all the facial treatments I’ve ever had, these lash extensions are without doubt the most transformative treatment and I will be back time and time again.

Huge thank you to Julija for working her magic and making me look and feel really fantastic! If you fancy giving your lashes the Lashed treatment I have a £10 discount off your first treatment before the end of April, simply quote EmmasLifeEdit when you book online or over the phone.

lashed leeds lash extensions

lashed leeds lash extensions

*all lash treatments require a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment. 

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