Le Creuset Leeds with Whip Until Fluffy

Le Creuset Leeds

When I think of Le Creuset, I think of my wonderful aunt up in Scotland, her winter casseroles and fruit crumbles. Her kitchen was scattered with Le Creuset pots and pans, from the deep dishes to the mugs and near enough everything in between. As such they are on my must buy list and when I move into my new place in the New Year I will be indulging thanks to Lil’s recommendations.

There are few things in life that delight me more than having dinner cooked for me, but when said dinner is cooked by not only one of my favourite bloggers but also one of the most lovely people I’ve had the great fortune to meet, I am a very happy bunny.

When the email landed in my inbox from the guys at Le Creuset inviting me to their beautiful Victoria Quarter store in Leeds I wasn’t 100%, however when I spotted Lil from Whip Until Fluffy would be cooking for us I was in there like a shot!

Lil is without doubt the best advocate for the brand, if you’ve read her blog you will know just how much she loves them. It was also a really great chance to catch up with Kathryn and Amy as well as meet Lorna

le creuset leeds 3

le creuset love le creuset turquoise

The store is a cacophony of colour, an absolute treat for the senses! Not only do they have the traditional terracotta, they have the most striking turquoise, intense yellow and the new matte white and black, my personal favourites.

Now onto the food…as it was Yorkshire Day Lil was whipping up three of her favourite dishes and giving them all a splash of Yorkshire delight, which included to my utter delight a Yorkshire Wine and a reet good cheese.

First up was the risotto, now I am not usually a fan of risotto in summer but I trust Lil and have to admit that since she made us it I have made it twice myself so obviously I am a convert! The risotto was a beautiful melting pot of courgette, Ribblesdale goat cheese, Yorkshire wine and a lovely splash of lemon infused Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil. The dainty little pots were the perfect size for a tasty starter like this, that’s for sure.

le creuset whip until fluffy le creuset risotto

Despite being more than happy to eat the risotto until I could eat no more, Lil treated us to her one pot wonder, Spanish style chicken with Yorkshire salamimade at The Reliance in the city centre and finished off with a flourish of green beans.  This simple yet stunning dish was utterly divine, it had a real kick from the salami and a depth of flavour from the slow cooked chicken all freshened up with the crunch of the beans. I was completely taken with the stunning deep dish and to be honest was a little shocked that Amy didn’t potter home with one, she was so taken! 

le creuset leeds 2 Le Creuset Leeds

Last, but by absolutely no means least was the best homemade ice cream I’ve ever tried. Made from proper tea, proper Yorkshire Tea. Just for the record I will fight anyone who denies this is the best tea to the death, fact! The only thing that could have made the ice cream even more orgasmic would have been a sharp accompaniment, lucky for us Lil had created a delightful piquant rhubarb pickle, I am well aware this sounds like a strange pairing but let me tell you it was moorish beyond imagination…I think I had 2 full bowls to myself! 

le crueset ice cream
Le Creuset Leeds

All in all the evening was an outright roaring success, I now have a whole list as long as my arm of Le Creuset items I NEED, and another three fabulous recipes to wow my friends with!

Massive thank you to Lil and all the team at Le Creuset in Leeds. They even sent us all home with a Le Creuset mug of our own, which I am currently drinking Yorkshire Tea out of. Told you, Yorkshire through and through!

If you haven’t popped your head into the Leeds Le Creuset well you are a fool and you now have no excuse! Also if you loved the look of these dishes you can find all the recipes over on Lil’s blog along with a whole host of other dishes I guarantee will leave your tummy rumbling…

le creuset leeds mug


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