Leeds Indie Food It’s Go Time!

Some eight months ago I was lucky enough to be invited, by Lil, to the launch of the Leeds Indie Food campaign at Friends of Ham. I couldn’t have been swifter with my Yes! I’m very lucky to be invited along to a lot of foodie events, but non thrill me as much as new indies opening their doors, or branching out, it makes me happy for sure!

lif15 leeds indie food festival

It was a no brainer when it came to putting my money where my mouth is, I backed the kick-starter without a second thought and then waited with excitement for all of the fabulousness to get going, and boy has it! Sadly I was too poorly to attend the lovely backers launch party last week, however I’ve definitely made up for it this weekend.

Panic not though, if you didn’t know about the festival, you still have heaps of time to get stuck in to the oodles of events both foodie and cultural, in fact there are almost 100 events and pop ups you can indulge in!

Even more awesome than simply heading out to the festival, is the Festival Passport; which means you get heaps of special dishes, discounts and even exclusive events and you’ll be able to collect stamps from the businesses and events you visit during the festival, and the Leeds Indie Team will be awarding prizes at Leeds Feast for those with the most, and those with the most varied collection, so get stamping, I know I am!

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2015

It took me a good two hours to plan out what I wanted to do, where I wanted to eat and who I wanted to visit! Also stamps mean prizes, post a picture over on the Facebook page wall and hashtag #MYLIF15 for a chance to win a Leeds Indie Food goodie bag and exclusive screen print! I’m rather proud of my super colourful plan…

First up was Belgrave Music Hall Feast, which although happens every second Saturday of the month, it also coincided with the first Saturday of LIF15. A smorgasbord of tantalising pop up indie food stars such as Laynes Coffee & Tom Foolery at 34 along with the live in favourites like Patty Smith’s & Dough Boy Pizza.

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2015 Leeds Indie Food Festival 2015

Mum went for the steamed sliders and parm & truffle fries from Tom Foolery, whilst I was all about my slice of Dough Boys pizza, washed down with an Amstel. Bloody delicious! If you haven’t tried Dough Boys pizza then to be honest you haven’t lived!

I mean look at my face, how happy am I about that slice of pizza?

dough boy pizza Leeds indie food

After a lovely few hours at Belgrave and it was time for coffee and cake at Opposite Cafe in Chapel Allerton on the way home, they do the tastiest of flat whites and I’m more than a little partial when it comes to their tiffin. Mum also went for a flat white and a slab of lime & coconut bundt cake, we sat in the late afternoon sunshine and gossiped a little.

opposite cafe leeds indie foodopposite cafe leeds indie food opposite cafe leeds indie food

Armed with our passports, mum and I heading back into Leeds for more, more, more, starting with North Bar Sunday Recovery in the form of the spiciest, tangiest Bloody Mary’s and Pork & Chorizo scotch eggs from The Greedy Pig. Served up with a side of Sunday papers and a good old dose of people watching.

north bar leeds indie food festivalAfter some post brunch show shopping (mum not me, you know spending ban hell!) it was over to the Corn Exchange, for humous and iced tea at Humpit, a dedicated humous bar located under the stunning rafters and surrounded by indie magic as far as the eye can see!

humpit leeds leeds indie food festivalI went for the jam packed falafel pita bread which seriously was way more tasty than I was expecting, crammed full with shredded veg, perfect falafels, salsa, mushrooms and onions with a side of iced peach tea. Mum went for the humous plate, with pita and fresh lemonade on the side.

falafel pita leeds indie food humous leeds indie foodSo that was my weekend, very much food focused! I cannot wait to get cracking with the rest of the festival, ending in the huge Indie Feast at the end of the month.

I’m beyond impressed with all of the Leeds Indie goings on want send a huge heap of congratulations to the whole LIF15 team, especially Lil, Matt and Simon, I hope they are all beyond proud watching their hard work come to fruition. I’m very proud to be a backer, and thrilled I get to indulge in as much of the festival as humanly possible!

If you’re on twitter, keep up to date with all the goings on with the #LIF15 hashtag, as well as the Leeds Indie Festival Facebook page or the news section of the website.

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