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One of my favourite types of blog posts are the ones where people I follow share little snippets of their life, the things they love and the places they’ve been. It inspired me to start my Life Lately series, starting with this one…

Life lately has been anything but quiet and relaxed, in fact the last month or so has been hectic atop of hectic, but all really fantastic things including brunch, events, catching up with friends and new hair! First up lets talk about food, because I’ve eaten some awesome food in the last few weeks..

Ox Club BrunchBrunch at Ox Club was insanely good, it’s always insanely good there, no matter what time of day or what you choose from the menu.

They have ever changing specials on the chalk boards but for me there is nothing better than their brunch options, you can keep your avocado on toast *although they do a good one of those too* instead go for Korean Fried Chicken, Flat Steak & Cheddar Eggs, or Bubble & Squeak all of which are so fricking good I could honestly eat them time and time again and never get bored!

Life Lately

When I wasn’t out galavanting I was reading a new book, WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, by Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel, an inspiring & empowering manifesto for change. I’m only 50 pages in but loving it!

I’m wearing these faux leather trousers to death, they’re versitle and look as good with stilettos as they do with converse &¬†oversized jumper.

Last up I’ve been buying loveliness to adorn my walls, like this stunning print by Ella Masters, check her out, her work is simply stunning.

Russell Eaton HairNow there’s going to be a whole post dedicated to my hair transformation, but for now it would be unfair to not share a peek at how fantastic it now looks thanks to Robert at Russell Eaton in Leeds, he has single handedly taken my hair from over processed purple balayage or sorts to bright, copper tones and healthy rich brunette.

It compliments my pale skin and green eyes, not to mention every time I go to Russell Eaton I am, as every customer is, treated like royalty, from head and neck massages to tasty coffee and nothing ever being too much for the team.

Nars Harvey Nichols LeedsLast but by no means least I was made over by Seema on the Nars counter in Harvey Nichols who took me from drab to fab with the most intense smokey eye ever, using deep chocolate tones and finished off with the perfect ‘my lips but better’ nude lipstick.

Full post coming about it, but honestly if you are after a new makeup look or need your makeup doing for an event I cannot recommend Seema highly enough. Both her and Jemma who work on the Nars counter made the whole experience fun and educational sharing their makeup wisdom with me!

Last up in my life lately posts will be 3 things from the internet that I love, loath or lol at.

Empathise, encourage, and never take it personally: how to support a friend with an anxiety disorder

Here are just five of the most infuriating things about ‘women’s’ clothing…

10 Things We Need To Stop Saying About Dads Immediately, there are some wonderful dads in my life, including my god daughters dad, who is one of the strongest yet kindest fathers I’ve ever known.

I really hope you like this style of post, let me know in the comments below if you do and also the best things you’ve seen on the internet lately…

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