Liz Earle Skincare with Abigail James

Blogging has introduced me to some truly inspiring people, Abigail James, Treatment Ambassador from Liz Earle is without a doubt one of those people.

You know when you meat a person who’s job is to help you feel and look better physically and they go so far above and beyond that, leaving you feel inspired as much well as invigorated. Abigail was that person to me whilst in the middle of draining house renovations.

I was invited to meet with Abigail and the super serene Liz Earle store in Victoria Quarter in Leeds, learn about the products and have Abigail’s healing hands give me a facial.

Liz Earle Leeds

If you haven’t been in to the Liz Earle store in Leeds, or any of them for that matter, I highly recommend it, simply being in them makes you feel more zen, add to that the hugely helpful and passionate staff and you are in the safest of hands. Unlike a lot of beauty and skincare stores Liz Earle isn’t sterile or hyper modern, instead it represents all that the brand represents, from the natural tones and scents to the comfy consultation rooms.

Liz Earle Leeds Usually when I have a facial it’s the only time I’m quiet, shocking I know, but I tend to just zone out and chill whilst my skin is pampered. However, being in the presence of facial greatness I couldn’t let the opportunity to chat with Abigail pass. Whilst I was expecting to only talk about products and techniques, instead we talked about well being, depression and dealing with stress.

Abigail has some phenomenal clients, who also live by the same ethos she does, be kind and considerate with your body and it will serve you well, something I am trying to live by.

My skin felt beautiful after the facial, I’m great at cleaning my skin but it’s never felt this clean without feeling striped or dried out, instead I was happy enough to go entirely make up free to my afternoon meetings, something I would never usually do.

Liz Earle Superskin

As well as the facial Liz Earle treated me to a swag bag filled with goodies. Their new range that has recently launched, I was lucky enough to try it all before it launched and having tried it for three weeks I thought I would share a few thoughts. Keep in mind I’m sharing thoughts as a skincare user not an expert, however I will include the science behind the products.

Cleanse & Polish™ Rose & Lavender Limited Edition

Cleanse & Polish™ Rose & Lavender Limited Edition

If you haven’t heard of Cleanse & Polish then I’m not sure where you have been, it is consistently one of the best selling and most loved cleansers in the UK.

Liz Earle regularly bring out limited editions of the Cleanse & Polish, but the Rose and Lavender one was so popular they have brought it back! *although as I write this they are sold out online, I think individual stores have stock*

What they say….

Featuring a harmonising blend of rose petal and high-altitude lavender essential oils, our classic cream formula has been enriched with a soothing and relaxing fragrance to leave you feeling restored and radiant, morning and night.

Our rich cream instantly removes daily grime and make up, even stubborn mascara, to leave skin beautifully smooth and exceptionally clean. Used with the pure muslin cloth, it lifts away dead skin cells revealing fresh, radiant skin. Naturally active ingredients include cocoa butter to soften, smooth and moisturise, while rosemary and chamomile tone and soothe.

What I say…

Regardless of the other cleansers that I use, this is the one I always go back to and the reason is simple. It’s the best, it cleans the skin & removes make up with out leaving your skin squeaky or dehydrated, it plumps the skin as it cleans and the limited edition Rose & Lavender has been helping with my insomnia thanks to its relaxing scents from natural oils.

I am still using the original one in the morning, but this version is a must at night, in fact I’ve even managed to get my mum into a habit of using the original one, and whilst she isn’t quite as strict with her routine as I am, we’ve both noticed a significant improvement in her skin.

If you’ve never used a cloth cleanser then try non other until you have tried this one.

Cleanse & Polish comes in 150ml + two muslin clothes for £20.75

Cleanse & Polish™ Rose & Lavender Limited Edition

Superskin™ Moisturiser – unfragranced for sensitive skin

Superskin™ Moisturiser Superskin™ Moisturiser

What they say…

This rich, luxurious, fragrance-free moisturiser for more mature or very dry skin contains a powerful blend of high quality naturally active ingredients to smooth, plump and replenish for healthy, rejuvenated-looking skin.

Containing high levels of GLA and rich in omega-3, Superskin Moisturiser helps prevent moisture loss and improves skin elasticity, while pomegranate flower extract and natural source vitamin E, both rich in antioxidants, help protect from environmental damage.

Apply Superskin Moisturiser to face, neck and décolletage morning and night as part of your essential daily skincare regime.

Naturally active ingredients include precious cranberry, borage and rosehip seed oils.

Suitable for mature or very dry skin

What I say…

Abigail recommended I go for the unfragranced version *there is a neroli oil one* as my skin has a tendency to flare red easily and fragrance free made more sense to keep my skin happy.

Now although I am good at night time moisturising I must admit to being a little slack at remembering to moisturise in the morning, especially if I’m only working from home and not wearing makeup, so it has been easy to see the impact this has had on my skin.

My skin feels more elastic, that sounds strange I know, but I mean it feels more supple and as though it is healthier, with massively reduced dehydration and makes my foundation go on much smoother, whilst also not going patchy thanks to no more dry spots.

Superskin™ Moisturiser comes in 50ml jar and retails for £39.00 and is available online and in store.

Superskin™ Moisturiser

Superskin™ Eye Cream

NEW Superskin™ Eye Cream

What they have to say…

Slow the ticking, naturally, on the entire eye area with our luxuriously hydrating cream, enriched with our renowned Superskin™ botanical blend of rosehip, borage and cranberry seed oils, plus powerful naturally active ingredients selected to visibly lift and firm the delicate eye contour, while also reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Paracress extract to lift and firm the delicate eye area

Pomegranate fruit and green tea extracts to lessen the appearance of dark circles

Alfalfa extract to ease puffiness

Suitable for all skin types

What I have to say…

My eyes are very grateful these 15mls of joy came in to my life. The texture is thick without being heavy, rich without feeling as though it’s sitting on my skin.

I have very dark under eyes naturally, regardless of sleep, although it has only been three weeks I have seen an improvement and lightening in my under eye area, as well as a firmness and reduction in puffiness. Basically all of the things it says it does on the tin.

I use around pea size of the product for both eyes, tap it under my eyes on the delicate skin, followed by gentle outward strokes to help with drainage to help reduce puffiness, just as Abigail taught me to.

It comes in 15ml bottle with a pump and retails for £31.50 and is available online, in store and on counters in the likes of Boots.

NEW Superskin™ Eye Cream

My skin is very happy at the moment, and although I have been eating appallingly whilst I’ve been kitchen-less, my skin hasn’t suffered.

Decreased appetite and more energy that’s the effect. Those are only two thing I note while using it. Just use it as prescribed by your doctor and be happy like me. Oh, not for advertisement, been buying it here, if there is any better, please tell me.

If you’re a skincare lover like me, then I highly recommend following Abigail on Instagram and Snapchat (abigail_james) and reading her blog for all things health and well being.

* I was gifted the facial and the products but as always opinions are all my own and honest.

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