Tips For Finding Your Perfect Luggage

Forever finding yourself with not quite the right luggage for the trip you’re heading on? I have just the thing for you, 7 tips to help you choose the best luggage that will take you from a quick city break to a week in the sun!

Radley luggage

Luggage Tip 1: Size Matters

When it comes to size, bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to the cheaper airlines with their restrictive carry on luggage dimensions. So before you go buying that case just because it looks cute, check that it will actually fit the general limitations of the airline.

Seems simple I know, but pretty much every flight I have taken in the last 12 months there has been at least two people who’ve turned up with cases that won’t fit on board and end up having to pay to have it go in the hold *fail*

Radley luggage

Luggage Tip 2: Show ’em what you’re made of

Hard or soft, the choice is yours. I’ve always gone for canvas/soft suitcases however my luggage game has stepped up a serious level now I only use hard cases. They keep your beautifully packed items safe and sound, they also last a whole load longer whilst not getting marked, battered and bruised.

Hard cases are also awesome for resting your feet on whilst whiling the hours in the airport…

Radley luggage

Luggage Tip 3: What’s inside matters

When it comes to packing, I love a neat interior, although the clips are great, I’m also a fan of properly divided sections. It really makes a difference to me as I travel with so many tech bits and bobs including my laptop, camera and all the cables that go along with it. Cases like this Radley one not only have zip close sections, they also have really great little pockets on the dividers that are great for those pesky little things like memory cards, jewellery, contact lens and anything else you like to have to hand!

luggage tip luggage tip

Luggage Tip 4: Step on the scales

It’s not only size that matters, weight does too. Don’t be wasting any of your precious allowance by buying yourself a heavy as hell case before it even has a scrap of clothes in it! If you’re unsure of the allowance for your flight, Skyscanner have a great guide!

Another awesome tip is to get yourself a hand held scale, rather than having to stand on the scales, then stand on them whilst holding your bag and trying your best to work out the difference, you can just pick your packed bag up with the scale and know immediately if you’ll stroll straight onto the plane.

Radley luggage Radley luggage

Luggage Tip 5: Keep rollin’

I cannot begin to tell you how much rage crap wheels on cases brings me, so my eternal search is always to find the smoothest glider…which is why I love my new cabin bag* so much, the 4 double wheels means that you’re not hauling it behind you willing it to move a little faster.

The benefit of 4 sets of wheels means no aching wrists as you drag the bag behind you, instead it slides along beside you, which also stops people tripping over it, or banging into you which equals an immediate reduction in airport rage!

Radley luggage

Luggage Tip 6: Safety matters

I never thought I would appreciate zips so much, but when you are travelling all over the place and unpacking/repacking as you go, you really learn to value a good solid zip that opens and closes with ease and doesn’t leave you cursing the manufacturers for cutting corners.

Not only does a sleek zip make me happy, a secure case does too especially when it doesn’t need a key!

Radley luggage

Luggage Tip 7: Stand out from the crowd

Want to make sure no one else accidentally picks up your luggage and heads home with it? Get as far away from the usual black and silver with cases that pack a punch when it comes to standing out from the crowd, I’m not sure I could have done that any better than with my bright pink polka pot cases with added cute dogs on them. No chance of Derek from Dunstable picking my bag up without realising!

Radley luggage Radley luggage Plus not to mention the cabin bag also has a matching vanity case which I never thought I would need and yet have used time and time again, it fits everything I need for a night away which I do a lot in my job. It’s also adorable! I’ll also be getting my mitts on the hold luggage version of this so I have the whole set.

Hope this helps you when it comes to picking out the absolute best luggage for your next trip, wherever that may be!

*I was gifted the luggage, however any review is as always 100% honest

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