Michael Kors Cynthia

I have a penchant for lovely things and the Michael Kors Cynthia has just been added to my collection.

michael kors cynthia

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Over the years I have owned some truly stunning handbags, some of which take pride of place on my dressing table, some have been sold on to lovely new homes. However, hitting thirty I realised I wanted something that wasn’t ‘on trend’ and instead something that is classic with a twist, kinda like me *cough cough*.

Let me introduce you to Cynthia. The most grown up of all my bags, it reminds me of the beautiful bags my grandmother has always carried, almost unassuming whilst being utterly stunning with a hint of luxury with an enamel push click closing with the Micheal Kors logo discreetly embossed on it.

michael kors cynthia 2 michael kors cynthia 9

michael kors cynthia 7It has both a chain-link top handle and cross body strap for versatile carrying options, which is perfect for those days I am carrying my laptop with me and like to be hands free with my bag. The top handle makes it super chic for classing up an evening outfit of jeans and heels.

There are a number of bags in the Cynthia range, they have a smaller version of mine but to be honest I like to have a fair amount in my bag and don’t like to risk altering the shape of the bag. Mine is 9.25 inches wide, 7 inches high not including the top strap & 2 inches deep.

It has one zipper pocket at the back which is perfect for change as I use this Whistles card wallet for everything else. However it also has 4 handy credit card slots too which mean I have all the room in the world for makeup, diary and even my camera.

I went for the smooth leather and gold hardware, they do however do a textured leather and silver hardware, along with more spring like colours including coral and baby blue. As this is a brand new bag launch for Micheal Kors they’re sure to release autumn winter colours come the end of the year.

micheal kors cynthia options

michael kors cynthia

quay australia my girl sunglasses

michael kors cynthia

Quay Australia My Girl Sunglasses *sold out but they have other colours*
michael kors cynthia

One of the most important things to me when it comes to bags I use regularly is that they close and open easily, nothing worse than a fiddly bag. Cynthia closes with a push clasp hidden behind the enamel detailing and makes a satisfying ‘click’ when it closes, which makes me very happy!

All in all the Michael Kors Cynthia is an utter delight, add to the fact that I treated myself to a pom-pom to clip to the bag and I have to admit I think this is my favourite bag.

*also how cute is the I’m Kinda A Big Deal notebook, it’s part of a set my lovely mum got me from TK Maxx, for some reason she saw it and thought immediately of me! Shock!*

If you have any questions about the bag by all means leave me a comment

and I’ll do what I can to help!

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