Reflect Your Style With Mirrors

Mirrors, sure, they’re great for checking your hair in, but they can do so much more than that, they can help you ditch the gloom in your home and fill whatever space you have with light and give the illusion of space.

My home, although I adore it, is not the biggest and as it sits on a narrow terraced street there is not a huge amount of natural light, not to mention it’s in England which means day light is like gold dust! So mirrors are my best friend when it comes to interiors.

how to style mirrors in your home

how to style mirrors in your homeIf like me your front door opens straight from the street into your living room then you’ll find it tough to have a mirror by the front door as you would if you had a hallway. However, a gallery wall of mirrors is the perfect solution, rather than one large mirror that needs resting on the floor or that takes up too much space, 3 or 5 little mirrors arranged on the wall *to the right height for that final primp* not only offer you something practical, they also bring light into the room by reflecting and maximising any natural light.

Cox & Cox do some really beautiful mirrors, and one of the things I really love about their site, is they style the mirrors up in the room settings, so you can see how big they are, how they stand etc, which if you’re like me will be a god send as I am shocking about visualising space and any form of spacial awareness!

full length cox and cox mirror

how to style mirrors in your homeWhen it comes to full length mirrors, there’s so much more to it than size! In fact it’s more about the way in which you angle it and the position in the room in relation to light, and less about the mirror itself.

Sure we all want to look our best, but the positioning of a mirror can give a fake illusion of reality, which no one really wants!

As luck would have it the trend for leaning mirrors against walls, rather than hanging them from it is well and truly here to stay, they not only look much more chic, they also allow you to have many large mirrors in rented space! No more rawlplugs and excessive filling when you leave!

how to style mirrors in your home how to style mirrors in your homeWhen is a mirror not a mirror? When it’s also a shelf! I’m a lover of routine, so having a spot to put my keys, post and other nonsense makes me eternally happy, and what better place than a beautiful mirror!

Functional and beautiful, two of my favourite things.

My three tops tips for making the most of the mirrors and natural light in your home are…

1. Use the same size mirrors directly opposite one another. They create a seemingly infinite set of reflections, which in turn creates a sense of endless depth, making the room feel bigger, lighter and brighter

2. Add a large mirror to the end of a short hallway to make it look longer. Try to find one that encompasses as much of the natural light from the entrance way as possible.

3. To create the look of one larger window, for a corner window, place a mirror on the wall, as close to and the same size as the window. This will look like one larger window and bring in more light.

how to style mirrors in your home

*this post was in collaboration with Cox & Cox 

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