Models Own Comes To Leeds

I LOVE Models Own Nail Varnish, I’ve used it for years but I have to be honest I’ve never ventured into using any of their other makeup, that is until they opened an awesome stand alone store in Leeds, now they’re a firm favourite.

As a makeup magpie, I’m always tempted by newness, usually in the form of expensive newness, but Models Own has all the wow factor of more expensive brands, without the eye watering prices.

models own leeds models own leeds models own leeds models own leeds models own leeds

The store is beautiful, well thought out and a delight to shop in, even when it’s packed to the rafters with bloggers all going nuts over the products. The staff were also brilliant, imagine a hybrid of the price of high street beauty but the level of knowledge and insight of the high end beauty counters.

There are over 650 products are in the store and over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY nail varnishes. If you can’t find the thing you’re looking for in this store, then there is no hope for you at all!

Models Own Leeds

One of the things that really took me aback was the two owners standing up in front of us all and sharing the story of the brand. I was expecting the owners to be women for starters and make up lovers second, but I got put in my sexist place when who London blokes in checked shirts talked with passion and inspiration about the brands creation and it was really fantastic to hear how they took inspiration from the pages of magazines but in their own way. It was really inspiring and after having a chat with them after they really are extraordinary guys with a huge vision for the brand and the people who love ambien generic teva it.

It was so nice to catch up with some of my favourite girls, it’s not often we’re all at the same event at the same time. Even more lovely was taking along Miss Pack Your Passport as my date, she’s a beaut, we have many plans in the pipeline, watch out world!

models own leeds

models own leeds

Me / Beverly / Kayleigh / Rhianna

So back to what I walked out of the store with *they knew I was doing it, no stealing on this blog!* I was pottering around looking for a new highlighter and brush to ensure a light touch of shimmer rather than the trend for highlight you can see from space and was helped by one of the team who suggested this small foundation brush which was a great shout and I adore it!

Whilst we we’re chatting about highlight she added the brush and the highlighter into my basket and whispered in my ear “go and have a proper shop, we’re treating you tonight so grab all the things you’d like to try!”

models own

I cannot tell you how generous this is, there must have been 30 bloggers at the event and this lovely offer was extended to all of us, further proof of the mentality of the business and their generosity and kind spirit.

I was going to include the beautiful bits and pieces I got from the event in this post but realised I had so much to say about them that it deserved it’s own post which you can read soon. Keep an eye out!

Thank you again to the team at Models Own Leeds, you did the brand and the city proud!

You can find Models Own Leeds in Trinity, you can’t miss the shop its beautifully bright and especially welcoming!

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