Finding Your Perfect Perfume

Jeans, white shirt, statement lipstick and perfume, four things that can be incredibly hard to find the perfect match for you! However I have some sure fire tips to help you find your perfect perfume…

find your perfect perfume jo malone glossier chanel

Know Your Scents!

Research, just like with jeans, shirts and lipsticks, you need to employ the science of deduction to track down the notes you like best, and that suit you. I know for a fact that warm, smokey yet slightly sweet fragrances suit me best. I lean towards Oud in every fragrance I try, in fact it’s fair to say if there’s Oud in it, it’s coming home with me. Oud is derived from the tropical agar tree and has been used for centuries in the Middle East and only really became popular in fragrance over here a few years ago.

Of all the Oud based scents I have ever tried, nothing comes close to the magic of Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot, the blend of smokey, sweet Oud with the fresh, cirtus notes of Bergamot is just perfection. It lasts beautifully on my skin and is the stand out perfume that I know everyone asks me what I’m wearing when I’ve spritzed it.

find your perfect perfume jo malone oud bergamot intensefind your perfect perfume jo malone oud bergamot intense

Sniff It Real Good!

Sniff, sniff, sniff, then sniff again! Here’s the best tip I can give you, don’t spritz and sniff immediately! Instead, spritz onto your skin and allow to dry into your skin, don’t rub your wrists together, just allow the scent to warm into your skin and then smell it. By doing this you are allowing the alcohol to vaporise and the true scent will be left on your skin.

In fact if you can spritz and go, head home from the shops or carry on with your day, if you keep being able to smell the perfume and you continue to like it, hot foot it back and purchase. On the flip side if it’s not for you, you’ll know soon enough and you’ll have saved yourself some £££.

This is exactly what I did with Glossier You, I heard great things about it but wasn’t 100% sure for me, I thought it would be too sweet and sickly for me. As luck would have it I got a sample in my order, which was enough to wear for three days, I got so many compliments and it wore for hours and hours and loved it as much at the end of the day as I did on the first spritz. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the thumb shaped indentation so even holding the bottle is a joy.

The idea behind Glossier You isn’t a completely new one on me, it’s created to smell different on everyone, it depends on your skins make up, oil levels etc, however there are some key notes in it, Ambrette which is a comforting warm floral scent, Ambrox which has an almost salty note to it and Musk which you can thank for the long lasting element of Glossier You. I’m wearing it as I speak and I LOVE it.

find your perfect perfume glossier you

find your perfect perfume glossier you

Invest is Best

Just like those classic pieces in your wardrobe, investment is best. Levi’s will always wear better and longer than Primark, think the same way about perfume and you won’t be sorry. Admittedly, I spend a lot of money on fragrance, but like the jewellery I wear, I see fragrance as an accessory, and as someone who wears almost exclusively simple outfits I like my perfume to really hold its own.

For me, the epitome of luxe fragrance is Chanel. I’ve never been a No.5 wearer, but thanks to my wonderful dad and his love for Chanel Allure Homme, it’s become a staple in my perfume collection. When he passed away I kept hold of the bottle he had been using and int the years since I have bought at least 3 more bottles I love it that much, not only for the scent but for the memories that come along with it. It’s warm, spicy and is the perfect scent for when I want a more masculine fragrance.

find your perfect perfume chanel allure homme

The three perfumes I have shared are my favourite scents, however there are two others that deserve a mention as they are my go to every day fragrance. First up is Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt, two scents I would never, ever have imagined going together, or for that matter something I would wear myself. However, having smelt it on a friend of mine, I went quick sharp and got my hands on it. I only ever get it in the 30ml bottle as I like being able to pop it in my handbag or gym bag. It’s a subtle scent with notes of the sea and lovely warm herbs. Lush!

find your perfect perfume jo malone wood sage and sea salt

Finally is this little mini Estée Lauder Muse, the only truly floral scent in my collection and it came in little mini form in a gift set I was given and it’s my night out perfume. It fits in even the smallest of clutch bags and although I wouldn’t wear it every day, it’s the perfect freshener and works beautifully over the top of all my other fragrances, bonus!

find your perfect perfume

find your perfect perfume

Genuinely, your perfect perfume is out there, you just gotta remember my tips and you will be on to a winner! Let me know your favourite fragrance…

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