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I love podcasts, so why not share the podcasts I love with you? Makes sense right!

My Favourite Murder

You know what I never knew I needed? Two American chicks chatting about murder, and my life would now be incomplete without it. Flash back to Emma aged 6/7 and a conversation with various adults in my life in which I informed them that I wanted to be a death row defence lawyer (no, I have no idea how I even knew about it!)

The podcast is irreverent and jovial, whilst all the time talking about the kind of murders that make you skin crawl with disgust and intrigue in equal measure.

My Favourite Murder Podcast

Karen and Georgia are both outspoken and rambling, they shout and rant and I think that’s what I love most about them.

In the words of the girls, Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered!


My Dad Wrote A Porno

Man writes an ‘erotic novel’ and then his son and mates record a podcast and read it out whilst cringing, snorting out loud and feeling very uncomfortable.

What more could you ever want from a podcast?

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Alice, James and Jamie make me laugh so hard that I have had to apologise to fellow commuters for my coffee splurting laughter.

My Mondays are very sad now there isn’t a new porno episode, but thank goodness I can start listening from the beginning once more, which I totally am!

I have only three things to lure you in; pomegranates, black thongs and blinking…you’re welcome!

Adam Buxton

Fucking hilarious, that’s all I really need to say about Adam, although I will of course say more. He rambles along at the beginning of every episode, plodding through undergrowth with his spaniel Rosie, who has a lot of her own opinions (brought to life by Adams very strange gruff voice!)

There aren’t enough of these episodes, they are sporadic but maybe order ambien from india that’s the charm, because when they do appear in my unlisted list I am elated.

Adam Buxton Podcast

Louis Theroux and Adam get high as kites on Monster drink whilst Louis adamantly decides he is the greatest singer *spoiler alert, he’s not!*

Then there’s all the swearing, which I love. The catchy theme tune that I find myself singing for no reason at all much to others disgust and discomfort. It’s a brilliant podcast and I love it, and him!

In fact he is hella high on my lust list, the beard, the rain coat, the inhibition and swearing all encompassed perfectly in wit and intellect! Swoon!

Get It On

Anything with Dawn O’Porter is just bloody fine by me. I’ve loved her since Super Slim Me & How To Look Good Naked, I loved her genuine, hilarious way and having met her twice she is even better in real life. She’s stylish, kind, an incredibly talented author, one of the most honest people on social media and also last but by no means least she married the greatest actor of all time Chris O’Dowd!

Get It On Podcast

Any way, now I’ve raved about Dawn, I’m going to rave about Get It On, her brand new(ish) podcast, it’s bloody brilliant. Each week Dawn chats to someone interesting about why they wear what they wear, guests have included Jason Segal, Amanda Palmer, Dermot O’Leary, Mel C & Jo Whiley to name but a few!

I love that Dawn talks to chaps the same as she does chicks, and I adore the way they all talk about style in an inclusive, engaging and hilarious way. Dawn you are my favourite!

So there is it, everything you need to listen to right now. Download the app, it’s free, the podcasts are free. It’s fucking brilliant and you will thank me for brining them into your life, honestly!

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  1. 15th December 2016 / 9:27 am

    Have you listened to All Killa No Filla, at all? It’s a podcast about serial killers but it’s very darkly funny – definitely one of my new favourites! I’m going to check out My Favourite Murder now… (I’m not going to question too deeply why I like podcasts about murder…)

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