Red Coat & Memories

Let me take you back to around 1986, I’m in the local park with my Dad, and I’m wearing the most spectacular red coat, sure the picture is grainy but my goodness the memories are good. I’m about 18 months old and partaking in a favourite pastime, splashing in puddles…fast forward some 30 odd years and I find myself wearing a new red coat

little girl in a red coatIt’s amazing how much nostalgia is attached to certain things from your childhood, this coat could only have fit me for 16-12 months max and yet when I think back it sticks out as a favourite for sure. So there I am, almost three decades later, stood in Primark, in my hands a red coat, nothing fancy, nothing special to others, but to me it held within its stitches & button holes a lifetime of happy memories.

It was a few years ago I stood with that red coat in my hand, and every winter since without fail it comes back out and I am reminded why I love it so much, it makes me smile simply seeing it hung up in my wardrobe.

red coat Slightly different outfit under the red coat, but I love this coat as much as I did that patent leather number all those years ago. There’s something about red, I know some think of it as an aggressive colour, but it couldn’t mean further from that for me, it means love, passion and most of all luck.

In fact I would say that like a red lipstick, a red coat should be part of a capsule look. It goes so well with ripped jeans, white converse and a slogan jumper just as much as it goes with double denim and high heels or over an all black going out outfit.

Whilst wearing this little number I went to see a client, who almost squealed with delight when she saw me. For someone who lives very comfortably in a palette of monochrome, greys and denim, this coat screams LOOK AT ME, and for the first time in a long old while I’m totally ok with that.

red coat

red coat

It’s pushed me right out of my comfort zone and made me embrace colour in a totally new way, usually my outerwear consists of fail safe black, or at a stretch maybe a flash of animal print or cargo green. I must admit that although I fell hard for this coat, I wasn’t actually sure how many outfits I could wear it with, thinking it would have to be saved for best.

The coat is most certainly the most flattering shape I’ve worn, a Crombie style; which first hit the street of London in 1805 care of J&J Crombie Ltd, their famous three-quarter length (usually wool) overcoats became so popular that 200 years later they are still being replicated both on and off the High Street.

The material drapes perfectly over my Kim K style bootie, without drowning me. The sleeves are for once not 7 inches too long and the single breast front hangs as perfectly open as it fits when pulled closed by the concealed fastenings.

I couldn’t resist including this fabulous clutch bag my lovely Amy bought me for Christmas, she knows me so damn well! I’m a black or white, yes or no kind of person, so really it’s the best bag in the world for me!

Nothing pulls an outfit together quite like a flash of lipstick, Topshop in this case, an a monochrome bag! New Look Yes No Black and White clutch bag


I’ve worn the coat more times than just about any other coat I’ve ever owned, and it draws nothing but admiring stares and lovely comments. Don’t you just love it when you happen upon a little something that not only brings back memories but makes you smile ear to ear.

Do you have any grown up clothes that just bring childhood memories flooding back?

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