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Carbs, spice and hot men with beards…you can see why I was a fan of Rola Wala Leeds, Indian inspired street food at it’s finest!
Rola Wala Leeds

The fab folk at Rola Wala invited me down to try their two new wrap fillings, and considering my mums recent conversion to veggie-land, and one of the new fillings being a veggie’s delight, we hop footed it over quick sharp!

A recent survey, commissioned by Rola Wala, revealed that Tikka Masala is still the number one choice for the Yorkshire city when it comes to Indian food.

Following the survey results, the guys at Rola Wala decided it was time to shake things up & decided to take on the challenge of reinventing the people of Leeds’ Indian favourite, with the aim to prove that Indian doesn’t always mean a standard Tikka or Korma. 

Mark Wright, founder of Rola Wala, said

“It’s all about appreciating the ingredients. At Rola Wala we’re passionate about celebrating chillies. These intense little numbers are no longer just there to gain you macho points, instead they give every single dish a deep flavour that definitely can’t be matched.”

Rola Wala Leeds

Rola Wala Leeds Rola Wala Leeds

The process at Rola Wala has a Subway kind of vibe, every kind of filling you could possible want all lined up and ready to be jam packed into a wrap, rice bowl or cauli bowl. Not only do you have a vast array of choices, all of the ingredients are cooked fresh and the wraps and bowls are under 500 calories, which makes this fast food healthy too!

Once you have all the main ingredients including paneer cheese, you can add pickles, red cabbage, and these crunchy corn kernels who add another amazing layer of texture to your meal.

Finally you have the sauce/topping, depending on the fire and spice levels you like there’s something for everyone, I went for the mild one with an extra dose of yoghurt.

I went for the Nagaland Lamb,  inspired by Nagaland, a region in the North East of India, famous for growing the ‘Naga Chilli’, one of the world’s hottest. It is also one of the fullest flavoured chillies; sweet with a wonderfully fruity flavour. Taking inspiration from a Lamb Vindaloo, coupled with the sweetness of a Naga Chilli and with spices like mustard seeds, cumin and bitter fenugreek seeds, Rola Wala has created a unique dish with slow cooked British lamb, made fresh in Leeds, with a medium heat – to say this is hot would be an understatement but paired with the mild dressing and a lot of yoghurt it was bloody awesome! 

Rola Wala Leeds Rola Wala Leeds Rola Wala LeedsMum opted for the Vegan Keralan Cauliflower, jam packed with big, nutritious fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect mix of sweet, spicy and a little tart, including; sweet potato, pineapple, coconut, chickpeas, coriander, tamarind. As well as spices like numeric, cumin and mustard seeds. It’s slightly saucy and the PERFECT accompaniment to a cauliflower rice bowl, our low carb option with 70% fewer calories than white rice.

Mum had hers in a wrap with all the toppings and the fiery sauce and her yumming throughout definitely gave the impression she was a fan! In fact we’ve planned a visit when we go Christmas shopping next week, think we’re both going to try the cauli bowl this time!

I’m a regular at Rola Wala and have been since they opened in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds, and now I have another reason to go!

One of the best things about Rola Wala is the staff, they are inspired, knowledgable and genuinely love the food they create, which makes for an even more enjoyable experience…plus some really rather handsome guys work there. So carbs and boys, winner!

*I was invited along by the Rola Wala team to eat for free with my mum, but as always this review is entirely honest.

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