Hair Transformation with Russell Eaton Leeds

Back in 2014 I was lucky enough to be invited to Russell Eaton in Leeds to learn how to blow dry my hair properly, it transformed the way I did my hair then, and ever since. I can happily give myself a voluminous blow dry at home, so when the team got in touch about a new colour and cut, I jumped at the chance to let Robert, the Creative Director give me a proper hair transformation.

hair transformation

hair transformation hair transformationI went into the salon with home dyed turquoise hair, genuinely panicked that I would never have my lovely warm toned, more natural hair back. Luckily, Rob is one of the most talented hairdressers in the UK, all the awards say it, and so do I and the wave of clients who go back time and time again to see him.

Here’s a little flash back to the lovely dye job I did myself, as much as I loved the bright colours, they were ruining my hair, making it impossible to brush let alone style. I think I came to the conclusion that although it was ‘in’ to have brightly coloured hair, it wasn’t the most flattering and certainly wasn’t doing my hair and favours.

hair transformation

Chatting with Robert we discussed make the most of the natural warmth in my hair, and building on that, bringing in some lightness at the ends and around my face, as well as adding in some layers.

I’m one of those people who seems to grow her hair for no reason than to grow it, then chop it all off and start the process all over again. Rarely have I chosen to have my hair length mostly kept but a new style cut in.

Little did I know when I arrived just the damage I had done to my hair, and quite the battle the team at Russell Eaton had on their hands. First they stripped out, gently, the bright tones, which took over 3 hours to do. Want a little generic ambien aurobindo advice, unless you want to spend an ungodly amount of time getting it out, avoid dying your hair with any colours with a green base, because green LOVES to cling to hair.

Once the toner had worked it’s magic, it was all about adding depth and richness to my tresses, I left the colour choices completely to Rob, he’s the professional and I knew he had a great vision for my hair. That vision was a blend of copper and coral, two colours I would never have thought of pairing. But he completely understood my need for a little quirk in my hair and style, I have no interest in having ‘safe’ hair or looking like anyone else.

The colours are magnificent, they contrast and compliment each other in equal measure, whilst working perfectly with my rich chestnut natural hair tones. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results, I have had so many compliments, in some cases from complete strangers about my hair and as a mini attention seeker, that thrills me no end.

russell eaton leeds russell eaton leeds
hair transformation hair transformation

We went for a blunt cut, with lots of layers and a face framing long fringe that is easy to style and looks great when my hair is straightened or left naturally curly.

For me the sign of a fantastic hairdresser is someone who asks lots about how I style my hair, how do I like to wear it, what works for me, it means I leave the salon with hair I can manage and replicate styles with, rather than battling to make it look anything like it did in the salon.

I cannot thank Robert and the whole team enough, not only for the hair transformation, but for the whole experience. If you are looking for a new salon, I cannot say enough positive things about Russell Eaton. They also have a beautiful spa, which in the centre of Leeds is an absolute treat.

russell eaton leeds russell eaton leeds

All photos by the incredibly talented Alex Ivory

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