Simpatico, the best pizza in Yorkshire!

Simpatico, the only pizza you’ll ever need. Seriously, and it’s right here in Yorkshire. Who needs Rome when you have Leeds!

simpatico pizza leeds

Let’s talk pizza. When I was in Rome earlier this year I ate some spectacular pizza just as you would expect! There is something very different about Roman pizza, not your typical pizza, no super stretched crisp thin base, instead light, airy and packed with toppings!

So imagine my delight whilst in Rome, when my mate Nick mentioned he was out there and had this awesome place he wanted me to try as it was the place that had inspired his new venture in Leeds! We headed to Bonci, tucked down a side street, the only way you’d know you’d found pizza mecca was the HUGE queue out the door!

Sure Nick is a mate, but being surrounded by a passion for food like he has is infectious so after stuffing myself with Bonci, I was even more excited about Simpatico opening a mere train ride from home…and as expected it did not disappoint!

simpatico pizza leeds simpatico pizza leeds

Nick is passionate about pizza… “Our chefs create long fermented dough with a high hydration. This gives the pizza great flavour and a crunch to the base but an airy upper capable of holding our fabulous array of toppings,” Nick explained. “Simpatico is one of the few UK restaurants to serve pizza in this style. Originating from Rome, al taglio-style dough is long proved for 72 hours which aids digestion of the pizza and gives a crispy base with a soft, fluffy upper.”

The thing I love about Simpatico, even more than the epic bases, is the lack of a traditional menu and in it’s place, on the day specials, that range from classic Margherita & Pepperoni, to the most wonderful twists, like Lobster, Samphire and Crayfish or their Wild Boar & Hazelnut Cream pizza. I’m drooling as I write this!

They’re made fresh so if you see one you like the look of you better be quick, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

It’s not just pizza though, that Simpatico do so fricking well, they make suppli, think the big brother of the arancini, deep-fried risotto balls are genuinely heaven sent I am sure; filling, packed with flavour and sure to make any day better.

When it comes to knowing what to order, 2-3 slices at lunch and 3-4 slices at dinner, would work out perfectly…especially with a suppli in the mix too!

simpatico pizza leeds simpatico pizza leeds simpatico pizza leeds simpatico pizza leeds

Not a meat eater? Nick’s got you covered, with meat-free Mondays! Creative, tasty and tempting to even a die hard carnivore like me, think less roast veg and more asparagus, broccoli and Stilton or my hands down favourite of all time, potato, rosemary and mozzarella. Not just veggies catered for, you vegan beauts don’t have to go pizza-less…there’s a range just for you! All week long!

simpatico pizza leeds

In true Roman style, after carbs comes caffeine, roasted in Leeds by North Star Roast. It’s perfect served with Italian pastries, with Simpatico have in stacks, especially the cannoli, Jeez, I’d walk over hot coals for them!

simpatico pizza leeds simpatico pizza leeds

Oh before I go, you NEED to know about Thursdays and Fridays at Simpatico… On Thursday for just £8.50 you can get your mitts on two slices of amazing Pizza al Taglio and a Moretti Beer or glass of House Wine! Friday is Fizz Friday, from 5pm grab a bottle of their very own Prosecco, 4 slices of pizza al Taglio for just £24! Really great value to start the weekend right with. Thinking I may need a Friday in Leeds sooner rather than later, theres bubbles and carbs with my name on it!

I’m a happy, regular paying customer and you know I really love it because I don’t always Instagram it, I’m too busy eating!! A true sign of edible perfection…get yourself to Simpatico, seriously!

See you there!

simpatico pizza leeds

* I was in no way paid or gifted these tasty goodies, sure Nick is a mate, but seriously when it comes to carbs I don’t mess about so you know I’m a true fan! 

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