Sticking A Pin Into Cancer with SnowGosh!

You know how at the moment the world feels a little shitty, a little cruel and aggressive? Well I have something to give you all the happy feels, it starts with cancer, but ends with the joy of creativity giving life to something new and awesome. It comes in the shape of a glitter mountain heart, by the name of snowgosh!

showgosh charity pin coppafeel

I’ve been following Em for years, from holiday crafting and gift guides to recipes and pictures of her pooch Flash, but the post that has stuck with me was in the middle of August last year when Em shared that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. My heart broke for her, and her family, but as always she carried on with her usual humour and creativity and we all waited to find out how she was doing.

It wasn’t actually Emma who found her lump, it was Flash the dog…

“Luckily for me Flash found my lump early, but too many people aren’t checking their boobs, too many young people aren’t finding lumps early enough, too many young people don’t go to the drs if they do find a lump. And Coppafeel! aims to change this with their teams of boobettes, their festival stands, their runners dressed as giant boobs, their reminders to check your boobs.”

Whilst battling cancer Em decided she wanted to try and raise some money for a charity but she wasn’t sure which one, and having ruled out marathon running and sky diving, she turned to her friend Zoe *who is so fricking talented it’s painful!* to design her something. They spoke about a few different things but decided on a pin as they are more universally liked, easy to post and easy to wear! Low and behold Snowgosh was created!

Zoe and Emma have been friends since they were 16, as they met snowboarding at the dry ski slope in Sheffield a mountain themed piece seemed the perfect item, and having already fallen in love with Zoe’s buy ambien er heart shaped stitched pieces, they thought that might be the perfect item to turn into a pin. But in pink as that’s the breast cancer colours. And glittery, because, well, glitter!

showgosh charity pin coppafeel

Emma chose to go with CoppaFeel! as the charity  of choice, as they spend a lot of time educating young people about the signs of breast cancer and explaining how Drs appointments will play out, and generally just raise awareness of bc in the under 35’s – which is scarily prevalent. Even more so when Emma tells me she’s in a Facebook group for under 45’s with breast cancer and there are over 5,000 members! A scary number of people, especially when you consider that’s only the people found & joined that group!

Emma & Zoe are literally just covering costs of producing and selling the pins and they’re donating the rest to charity – with £5 from each pin being donated. There’s hope they’ll be able to get some endorsement from some of the snowboarders that are Zoe’s fans and also from the CoppaFeel! patrons. So watch this space!

showgosh charity pin coppafeel

showgosh charity pin coppafeelThere’s something so heart warming and bad ass about women not only battling cancer, but on top of that, doing more to help others, to raise money, awareness or simply to be a voice that another person may need to hear. You can read more about the pins over on Emma’s blog & you can get your hands on your own SnowGosh pin here!

If you aren’t regularly checking your tattas, tits, jugs, norks, boobs, what ever you want to call them, NOW IS THE TIME TO START! Coppafeel have created this super easy guide for what to look for!

coppafeel check your boobs

Be sure to share your pin selfies using #snowgosh and tag Emma, Zoe & Coppafeel! Let’s share the love far and wide, the more money that’s raised for charities like Coppafeel the better research we have, the better support we can provide and the bigger fuck you we can give cancer!

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