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My personal style rules have been a long time in the making, but now I know them, I stick to them with all my being and it makes not only getting dressed in the morning easier, but also gives me confidence which is worth everything! My style rules really came into their own when I started reading and following women who’s style inspires me regardless of shape or size, I realised that they have a clear style and that’s why I’m inspired by them.

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I’ve got curves, which means in fashion terms I should be showing them off, but in reality that isn’t my style. I’m inspired by Lizzie, Emma, Chloe¬†& Lindsey, they don’t dress like the pages of popular magazines, instead they have found their own style, masculine with a touch of sexy, tailored yet oversized.

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Style Rule 1. Trends Don’t Matter

Don’t spend too much time reading fashion magazines. Seriously, they will make you feel shit about yourself, they will make you feel inadequate and undeserving. Find your inspiration else where, find places you can connect with people and their style, like blogs, instagram and tumblr. Don’t always look for the big fashion accounts, instead look for the people who’s style you admire rather than aspire for.

Culottes are painfully in style yet make me look like a 65 year old art teacher who’s recently gone through a divorce and is now dedicating herself to a goat rescue.

Other trends magazines have informed with with blind authority for 2018 include, Gym Kitch, socks with heels, neon sparkle…the hideous list goes on.

You don’t need to dress for the trends, you also don’t need to change your wardrobe style for the ‘season’. Sure there are tweaks I make to what I wear as the seasons change, but if you’re British you basically dress for the weather, they are the only seasons that matter to us!

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Style Rule 2. Simplicity Is Sacred

Coco Chanel said it best, get to the door and take one item off, simplicity is stylish every time. For me it’s not just about the amount of items I’m wearing, but the simplicity of the items too. I wear gold jewellery so I always go for gold hard wear on accessories and clothes.

I also go for simple shapes and styles of clothes, straight leg or boyfriend jeans, cigarette trousers, long time drop back t-shirts, crew neck knits, white cotton shirts, blazers, aviator jacket, white trainers, black pointed ankle boots, nude heels.

To some that might seem boring, but having a simple array of clothes with limited flamboyance means that everything goes together, I can pack at speed and I can also pull together an outfit without really even needing to think about it .

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Style Rule 3. Pick A Palette

Black, white, grey, tan, navy, denim and cream. When it comes to day to day wear I stick to this palette, it’s flattering to my skin and hair, it fits with my lifestyle and like with my desire for simplicity it makes pulling outfits together so much easier as all of those colours work together, whatever I want to wear, everything goes.

Sure there are some folk who love patterns and colours and that’s their style and i’m 100% on board with that. The idea of patterns makes my blood run cold…unless its a Bretton stripe, that I can just about cope with!

style rules style rules

Style Rule 4. Don’t Dress For Your Shape

I am so sick of being told how to dress for my shape, just because I have curves doesn’t mean I want to wear a v neck jumper dress with a waist belt, that’s not me and it doesn’t need to be you either!

I’m all for dressing in a flattering way, but I think there is too much focus put on dressing to look slimmer or taller or curvier, it’s simply telling you that as you are is not enough and that you need to alter how you look. That’s bullshit, I feel most confident in masculine styling, I hate ‘accentuating’ my curves and despite loving my boobs I have no desire to show off my d√©colletage.

Your style is about more than the shape of your body, if you’re short and want to wear long trench coats, awesome. If you’re tall and you want to wear vertical stripes, you go you!

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Style Rule 5. All About The Details

Keeping your outfit simple means you can add a little snazz with accessories, I wear 7 rings, including simple bands to my stand out cocktail ring, I also wear a gold watch and earrings.

I’m picky about the kind of stitching on jeans, the way a coat hangs both open and buttoned up, when I was hunting for my aviator jacket I searched high and low for one that had simple yet beautiful details, like the lapels, buttons and stitching all makes the jacket look that much more expensive.

Buying less but better is the best tip I can give you when it comes to finding your own personal style rules.

If you’re on the hunt for your own personal style, I hope sharing how I found mine helps!

I’d also love to know what your style rules are, if you have any?


  1. 23rd March 2018 / 12:26 pm

    Love this post – it’s so true that your personal style comes into full flow when you forget the ‘rules’ and dress for you and your figure. Some people look at my style as very bizzare as I’m a fan o clashing prints and lots of colour – not the most conventional but so very me at the same time!

    Ruth //

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