The Fuck It List, The Anti Bucket List!

The Fuck It List, the only list you need! No more bucket lists, no more before XYZ lists, rather than making yourself feel like shit for not doing all the things everyone else tells you that you should, here’s a list of things you can fuck right off.

An age ago I wrote about how we need to chill with all the should-ing that goes on, we should have achieved this, seen this, done this, be this. It’s bullshit and I wasn’t sure what the alternatives were, as bucket lists seemed to be the thing everyone needed. Before I Turn 30 list, being one of the biggest ones and one I have seen waaay too much!

fuck it list

fuck it listImagine my delight when googling ‘the anti bucket list’ I found shit loads of blog posts about Fuck-It Lists and I realised that’s exactly what I needed. A list of things that I am going to commit to give less fucks about, or indeed no fucks at all.

The following fuck it list is mine, and ultimately was the thing that helped me learn to let go of the things that I hadn’t realised we’re holding me back in some way or another. Some are about leaving ego at the door, some are about leaving people off the Christmas card list, most however are things that I have decided at some stage in my life to give power to when they deserve not even a sniff of oxygen let alone me stressing over them.

Fuck It #1: Other peoples opinion of me are non of my business!

Seriously, this is life changing. It’s not about behaving badly and expecting people to just let you, it’s about living your life your way and not adjusting iut just because someone else isn’t a fan.

For me it means not caring about what people think of my love life choices, the way I run my business, how I handle friendships, since removing that level of care I’ve got so much more time to you know, live my life!

At the end of the day, isn’t it more productive to invest our time and energy in the things that really matter so that when it’s time to kick the bucket, we’ll be more than impressed with ourselves, and less concerned about others.

Fuck It #2: I can’t put myself first

Put your life jacket on first before you help others. Put your oxygen mask on before you help others.

That’s the advice experts give you when you might be facing your untimely death, so why is it not an acceptable life choice at others times?

Think of your own wants and needs as your life jacket or oxygen mask, without first dealing with your own needs and wants, how can you possibly be the person to others that you want to be?

So if you need to say no to things, that’s ok. I say no to a lot, to make sure I’m in the best place to say yes when it’s needed most.

fuck it list

Fuck It #3: It’s not polite to want to earn a lot

Right, let’s get this straight, if you want to be a billionaire, that’s awesome. If you just want enough to go on holiday once a year and not have to panic at the end of the month, that’s awesome.

Whilst wealth is bashed for being the route of all evil, actually it’s the way wealth is used that really causes harm. If you want to earn £££ then you work your behind off to get there, but do it for a reason. Be it the holidays, the cars, charity work, whatever it is, you have the right to earn as much as you want.

fuck it list

Fuck It #4: You have to have a life plan

Nope, nope, nope! My dad died at 52, he had a plan and in the end it was cut short without many of the things being achieved because they we’re in the plan for a certain time and place.

If the opportunity to move abroad happens whilst you have little kids, if you want it, you’ll make it work. If love comes along on your first day of uni, don’t listen to the people who say it won’t last, the best marriage I know is between two people who met exactly like this.

Sure it’s great to have aspirations, but don’t want until the ‘perfect moment’ to do it, because there’s no such thing! Now is the perfect time.

Fuck It #5: Good for you, not for me

Want to make a bucket list, good for you, not for me. Married and kids a big want of yours, good for you, not for me. Veganism, good for you, not for me.

The list goes on, what I mean is, don’t shit on someone just because they don’t want the same as you, and in turn don’t allow others to shit on your ideals because they aren’t in line with theirs.

If you aren’t sure how to deal with something, simply say “that’s great for you, not for me.” and leave it at that.

What’s on your fuck it list?

Photos by the awesome Kaye, tee is War Child by Bella Freud

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