The Reality of Christmas For Me

I’m sitting watching Lizzie on YouTube, and I am crying, her words have resonated so much with me and I thought that in a similar way to how she has talked about why she doesn’t embrace lots of Christmas content online I would share the reality of Christmas for me.

I joke about it a lot, I a-liken myself to the Grinch on the regular, and people around me laugh along, but in reality Christmas genuinely is my least favourite time of the year. So much so I would happily have January over it any time. Despite loving YouTube I avoid it almost entirely this time of year as every channel seems to turn into Vlogmas mayhem, gift guides, festive everything and although that’s awesome for them, it’s shitty for people like me who just cannot cope with it. It was so refreshing to hear Lizzie talk about the reality of Christmas for some folks, myself included.

The Reality of Christmas

I wanted to write this post for any one else who struggles at Christmas, because if like me there is not just one very important person missing, but a whole handful of them. I miss my dad all the time, every day I think about him in some way or another and although like me he wasn’t a big Christmas fan, I liked having a fellow grinch to complain about the commercialisation of it and the queues, so many queues.

But there’s more to it than than, I miss him when I am doing the shopping and see something I know he would love, or I hear The Pogues and remember how much he loved it, or I see a 50+ year old man in a chunky knit and oversized coat and I wish with all of my heart that he was here to stomp up the hill on Boxing Day, here to pour the bucks fizz on Christmas morning, here to moan about all the rubbish on the TV.

The Reality of Christmas

I miss my Pops, I miss dancing with him to the crooners singing Christmas songs and him singing along. I miss my Nanna & Grandad who embraced the festivities like no one I’ve ever known before or since, who went so OTT on the decorations that there was hardly a spot to put your brew down.

It isn’t just the grief though, I really hate the excess of it all, I struggle the weeks upon weeks of it being rammed down everyones throats, in stores, online, social media, restaurants, the radio, bloody everywhere, which I appreciate that if you’re a Christmas fan, you love, but if it adds to your sadness like it does mine then it’s a daily reminder everywhere you go that something or someone is missing.

So if I could make my own Christmas appeal it would be this, if someone in your life doesn’t like Christmas don’t berate them for it, don’t judge them or tell them to get over it. Instead maybe reach out to them and ask if they are ok, talk about something else, remember that there is more to December than the 25th.

Be kind, be kind always, but especially this time of year. Don’t make the assumption that it’s just a gimmick when someone doesn’t like Christmas. Instead find a way to spend time with them that doesn’t involve the traditional festivities, because the worst thing you can do is just leave them out altogether for weeks at a time just because they don’t want to wear a festive slogan jumper or go shopping with you.

The Reality of Christmas

I love winter, so always up for ice skating, movie night, hot chocolate and a catch up. There’s so much to do in winter without having to make it all about the C word!

I hope however you spend this time of year you are doing what makes you happy, if that means throwing yourself into every aspect of the festivities then I’m happy for you. If like me you will enjoy time with people you love in a more low key way, happy for you too.

Enjoy a little time of work if you’re lucky enough to have it off!


  1. 23rd December 2017 / 1:50 pm

    I hope Christmas is easy on you this year. This is a beautiful post.

  2. tamara
    8th January 2018 / 5:27 am


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