Thirty Before Thirty

thirty before thirty

Today is my birthday…I am twenty eight, as you are reading this I imagine I am breathing heavily into a paper bag, a lot is about to change in my life, more of that in a few weeks, but it’s fair to say that this birthday marks a change for me.

When I first stared blogging over at Hey World, I did a post about my thirty before thirty list, cliche I know, but nice to have something to aim for!

Well here I am, a year down the line and I have ticked off some of the things on my list, but I am still ten short of 30, which got me to thinking that you lovely lot who read here, or follow me on twitter might like to be a part of it. So below are the 20 items I have so far…so by all means get suggesting!

I have 2 years to get these generic ambien things done, so make them as wild as you like and I will pick three in the next week and commit to getting them done, and of course blogging about them!

Find real love
Learn to play guitar
Take photography course
Run half marathon
Earn 30k
Become an expert in something
Speak in front of 500+ people about said expertise
Be in a stage production
Learn another language
Spend a whole 48 hours technology free
Pay off my credit card – done 
Sky dive – done
Own my own business – done
Work in America – done
Travel to Canada – done
See every movie on 100 films to see before you die list
Get a dog – done
Trend on twitter
Interview someone incredible for my blog – -done (coming soon!)
Get back into my size 12 jeans

If you are going to tweet me ideas then use #emmas30before30 so I can keep a track of all your ace ideas! Cannot wait to see what some of you come up with!

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