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There is something exciting about shopping at TK Maxx, maybe it’s the vast range of things they have for sale from jogging bottoms to nail varnish, wall art to ball gowns, not to mention just about everything in between. Or maybe it’s simply that no two trips are ever the same, it’s not a place to go with a defined idea in mind of what you want but it is the best place to go for inspiration, to broaden your imagination and find absolute treasures.

TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities

When TK Maxx challenged me to take part in their Ridiculous Possibilities campaign, I couldn’t say no! If you follow me on basically any social channel you will know I am in the midst of a massive amount of renovation work including a new bathroom, kitchen and flooring throughout not to mention garden plans for the summer. Whilst I’ve spent all my time deciding on grout, tiles, taps etc I’ve been yearning for the pretty finishing touches that make a house a home.

Off I toddled to TK Maxx, armed with an open mind and a gift card and here’s what I left with…

Shoes, but of course, let me make it very clear, I know these have no impact on the final look of my bathroom or kitchen, they do however make me very happy, and a happy Emma is always a good thing!

TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities

These white block heels may look, on first glance, simple. However look a little closer and you’ll spot the flash of gold on the inside of the heel making these not only super cute for work but also the perfect summers evening shoe, great to snazz up jeans and a t-shirt and equally beautiful with a denim dress.

TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities

Before we get to the home bits and bobs, special mention has to go to this beach hat which made me squeal with delight when I spotted it. It comes in both black with white accents, and natural with black accents and although I am the queen of head-to-toe black I decided that for practical purposes the neutral one was the winner. What good timing as well as the weekend I bought it turned out to be hella hot and temps reached 25 degrees in good old Harrogate. This delight not only made me feel like I was on the French Riviera, it also kept my skin hidden from the sun and saved me from welcoming wrinkles earlier than expected.

TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities

Receiving a hand written note in the post has to be one of the loveliest things ever, sure to make even the saddest day a little brighter. With that in mind I’m always on the hunt for lovely yet stylish note cards, which let me tell you is no mean feat, thankfully I spotted these gold embossed ones that I know my girls will love and no doubt pin up in pride of place…not to mention they look super cute on an Instagram flat lay!

TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities

I never feel as though I am in one place for more than 10 seconds, whether I’m away with work, staying at my lovely mammas or heading away on adventures, which means a life sometimes lived out of luggage which can be a massive downer, but I’ve learnt that being prepared and packing well can make all the difference. I’m forever cursing not having the right size makeup & skincare bag for my trips, then this beauty caught my eye. Who doesn’t love a bag that tells you you’re gorgeous! No one, that’s who!

TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities

Now that all the lovely non homeware items are out of the way let’s get to the final bits, my beautiful Kilner jars. TK Maxx do a lot well, but they do Kilner and glass wear spectacularly! I have beautiful pieces dotted all over the house, from jewellery dishes to makeup storage, so beautiful and unique. That’s one of favourite things about TK Maxx, you never know what you’ll find and that means that the chances of seeing someone else wearing it, or having it in their front room is minimal and in a world filled with sheep following trends, I love doing things a little different.

Last but by no means least is this LOVE mug, the perfect vessel for my morning, afternoon, evening and every time inbetween coffee.

TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities

Ridiculous Possibilities might be the tag line for TK Maxx, but it’s definitely going to become my life motto, no point in staying safe and doing what you’ve always done as the only thing that gets you is the same as you’ve always had, and I ain’t got no time for that!

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