Why Travel Is My Therapy

Travel is my therapy, give me a flight, a new city and a camera and I’m happy. Whilst writing about how I deal with depression I realised that travel is my therapy, the freedom I feel when I’m away, when the voices aren’t ones I understand and the roads are a mystery.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with life when it gets tough, from a young age my way has been to get the fuck out of town, when I was 15 it looked like jumping on a train and heading to London to stay with family friends, in my early twenties it looked like nights in hotels in Manchester & Leeds, and now in my 30’s it’s Europe and beyond. The place isn’t the therapy, the travelling is.

In fact I feel so strongly about it that I shared my feelings with Samantha from As The Sparrow Flies for her Podcast The Travelust, go subscribe and listen out for my episode!

travel therapy

Travel makes me feel insignificant and small, which is a great thing… 

I understand how planes work and stay in the air, but every time I’m pressed against the seat back I’m reminded how small I am in comparison to the infinite sky I am heading into. Whenever I travel by plane I realise how huge our planet is, how many people really live on it and how “insignificant” each and everyone’s existence is. If I feel overwhelmed the way a new city, a new country or a new continent makes me feel hopeful and like there are endless opportunities just at the point of anonymity. The thought of the fact, that there is much more out there than the problems we tend to create in our heads, in the smallness of every day life, is something that really helps me put things into perspective.

how to spend a week in rome

how to spend a week in rometravel therapy

It allows me to live life one day at a time

Compared to everyday life where I find myself planning left right and centre to make sure I can fit in work, play, friends, family etc, however when I’m travelling I’m forced to take things day-by-day. Although I like to have a loose plan of what I want from my trip and things I want to see, it’s very fluid. When I wake up in the morning, I have a coffee and think of all the ways that I could spend my day, knowing that there are no expectations from others, no need for a to-do-list.

how to spend a week in rome

travel therapy

I get inspired

Whenever I travel, I’m exposed to different people and cultures: another way of living, of loving, of eating, drinking and experiencing.

I find all of this extremely refreshing, it allows me to leave the parts of me back at home whilst I breathe in newness.  It’s stimulating to the mind: to me travelling is truly my biggest source of inspiration, from writing this blog to penning my book, photographing new buildings…the list goes on.

Life Lately Harewood House

Radley luggagehow to spend a week in rome

I value home & friends a little more 

“When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.” –Jonah Lehrer

It’s not about the time away, but the way it changes my view of the world and my world along with it.

Travelling extends far beyond the time period that I’m actually away. It teaches me things I carry with me my whole life, from little quirks or skills right through to feeling grateful for the life I have at home. 

Distance doesn’t always matter

Not everyone has, or wants to spend, a heap of money going for far off lands. Sometimes the simple act of being not at a home is therapy enough for me. From two days in London, to an escape 100 miles up the coast.

Finding space, mentally and physically is always a cure for me.

The times in my life that I have felt the most inspired, happy and creative can be directly linked to my travels. In fact as this blog goes live I’m heading to Heathrow to fly off to Canada & NYC to make more memories and soak up more therapy.

Where do you find therapy? In the skies? In books?

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